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This was a forum from 1997 to 2006. Now it's a combination archives & links page. I've compiled the best ideas that people suggested out of thousands.

Thanks to all of you who made this such a fun happening place. I'm sure there are still many great stories and ideas out there, but during the time I was fighting the spammers, I took time to reflect and decided that much of the input will duplicate the following. To keep this from being unwieldy, I've consolidated much of it, especially when posted as anonymous. A few I've left intact as illustrations or for their entertainment and or enlightenment. I hope the edited version will do justice to all your valuable input. If you think you have something valuable to add, you can still Click here to contact us.

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Most postings were anonymous. There's no knowing if the people who did use a name had posted their real names. I've left most of the original spellings intact. Sorry to you spelling bee aces, I think it gives it more color.

HERE WAS THE LAST POST: An open letter to spammers& solicitors
So you've been hitting this list for months. What does it get you? It makes a little more work for me. But I'm up here at least 3 times a day at random times and I can tell you that your links RARELY RARELY EVER get hit.
So you're spamming is the virtual equivalent of tping (toilet papering) and the irony is not lost on me.
If you must continue to be a pest here, so be it. I'm low tech and I'm not planning on paying anyone to fix the kinks in this forum any time soon. We'll just have to continue our pointless match until you decide to find something more meaningful in your life. Just keep in mind it probably takes me less time to remove your toilet paper than it does for you to throw it.

I feel sorry for your shallow wasted ***.
In the end, I will get the last laugh"  ... posted on 3/6/06 at 02:17 PM


We never got many pictures and most of the links that we did get became obsolete. Here's the only photo Link remaining as of 1/1/07


  - The Art of TPing OR How to Gift Wrap a House A funny 9 minute movie made for a high school class in 1971

  - Click here for a video demo and click on Paper Lift and Toilet Paper Movie Demo - And you thought physics was boring.



It helps if they have a pool by Dude Houston posted on Friday, December 15, 2000
I would suggest using shaving cream and/or throwing toilet paper into there pool(if they had one). -Dude Houston
2) ok..this girl at school is having a pool party and me and my friends weren't invited....we're not jealous..we just want to have fun...so we though about buying a TON of bags of ice then melting it and freeze it again to make it solid...and then like at 2 or 3 in the morning (b4 the pool party) go over and put the huge ice blocks in her pool.Everyone will freeee the next day at the party! ..then put a fake rubber snake in her pool tied down to a rock and then glue quarters to her sidewalk and then last but not least roll her yard....
3) This only works if the people have a BIG fountain in their yard. the kind that the water drops down into a big pool of water. Put about 2 boxes of dish deturgent soap in it. By morning there will be HUGE walls of foam. This also works great on the faountains they have in public, like at parks or whatever.

good strategy by Anonymous posted on 7/27/02 at 04:01 AM
one thing to do is wait until after it rains a bit so everything is nice and wet. then get to your thing and by the time the morning rolls around, the tp'll nice and soaked and a pain to clean up. all rippy and easy to tear.

Shrink wrap & other alternatives
1) posted by George Whipple  12/25/99
While reading through this guestbook I am shocked at how some people think they are such rebels for toilet papering people.
In my town different people get toilet papered every weekend. I will admit I am guilty of this crime at least a dozen times a year. We usually don't just toilet paper people though. We usually have soap and shrink wrap to go with the toilet paper.
As of right now my friends have five miles of shrink wrap stored up, and we can't wait to
unroll it on someone's house or car. If you think toilet papering is such a crime, as some of you do, you need to get out more.
2) We have a tradition of getting all the seniors' houses each year. This year some friends and I did my friend Bryan's house. We shrink wrapped his car, and covered it with 15 rolls and TP and got every tree with his yard with a total of 70 or so rolls. Then his brother let us inside and we got his room while my friend's girlfriend colored tampons red with a marker and she put it all over his car. His reaction was great, try it.
3) Where I live we TP house, and have car wars. When someone goes in walmart or the mall or some store, they come out to find that their car has been hit. We do everything to cars. We TP them, or Wrap them. We take Bolonige and other meat on the car. Or take bait shrimp, or other stinky seafood. We will either put it on the engine, or take off the hub cap and put it in it. Another great thing to do is that Conola or Vegitable oil and pour it on the car, then pour flower. do this at their house, or have water bollons with this in them and do it at stop lights. This happens all the time
4) Put bologna all over someones car. Whenthe person tries to take it off, spots of paint will be gone.
5) alright ya i have read about everyone egging and doing stuff like that but where im from we TP our freinds and fork our friends plus we furniture them(taking old furninture and puttin it randomly on the yards) but we never do anything 2 be destuctive i needs some alternatives that will NOT hurt a car or a house or anything just clean fun
6) heart attacking or dotting is fun.....use paper and cut shapes out of them and use painter tape to tape them to their house or garage or driveway. My friends and i like to write inside jokes or fun sayings on them.we also use streamers for friends bdays.
7) i liked the idea of burying items, such as eggs. it could even be possible to lift off the top layer of sod on a yard, and bury them there. high traffic zones would yeild the highest breaking average. but the eggs would not be allowed to age/mature to their greatest level of stinkiness.
- also the idea of using powdered milk on the lawn, which, after rain rots. the canned fish seems like a good idea, but its been cooked, i think raw fish would work better.to get more stinkiness, you can go to pet stores and buy this fish food, which is made from garlic, and extreamly smelly. iuts a liquid, so spray it in places that wont get rained on.
- throwing beans all over the lawn may be an easy way to annoy the owners, but bamboo is even harder to get rid of, and more hardy.
- but dont forget the tping is the most fun, so bring plenty of tp. and allways unroll a bit of it before throwing. dont just get the house, get trees too. they are harder to clean off. water makes the tp disintegrate, so tping just after rain, or befor ea light mist is good. if there is no rain, create your own.
girls rule, boys drool.
fantastic four for ever!!!
8) Weeding a yard - A great idea to really piss someone off is to buy a 50 pound bag of bird seed or any other seed, and spread it all over their lawn. This should grow weeds in about a week or so at the most. IT WORKED FOR ME YOU JUST HAVE TO FIND THE RIGHT STUFF.
9) PLANT carrots and other vegetables that grow underground in thier yard! you have to do it in spring, but it works and its fuckin hilarious when your friend comes to school one day and says they have carrots growin in thier front lawn...
10) I saw a whole neighborhood where someone had obviously seeded with scallions. You don' t necessarily even notice until someon mows them.
I'd guess garlic would also work well.
11) funiest idea ever - Best way to get someone back (if you can get their car keys)...go to sams and buy a huge bag of packing peanuts and fill their car to the top. then use shoe polish and color the windows solid so they won't see what's inside until they open the car door. Just remember that packing peanuts cost a lot so you could use shreaded news paper instead.


8) Who's House is That - yeah uh from seeing some one's yard you can get a few ideas... i saw this one house a while back that had maxi pads on the lawn and up the side walk then there was pancake syrup on the side walk and wrote out a name but i couldn't make it out also there were forks in the yard blue paint in the yard and well like some tp in their bushes i wonder if the pancake syrup works really good it might be something fun to play with hell its really sticky it could come to good use
9) 10/17/04 - okay it's My friend Kim here with me (*(kristin)*) we are planning to get my exboyfriend back b/c he wrapped my house but w/a ll the rude crud he's done to me we arent only wrapping his house we are getting gum blowing bubbles w/it and popping it on the lawn, the wet froot loops (*(tye dyyes the lawn)*) shaving cream, you name it!!!
10) i went out of town and came to my house tped. i have found out that it was acouple friends of mine. Now i dont want to tp them back because that would be gay but i need some other fairly innocent ideas to get back at them because there going to knwo it was me. I was thinking about lawn furnitre and lime the fertilizer but there are 6 friends and i need variety.
11) duct tape them into their house
12) reply by Kaite posted on 2/16/03 - If their sprinklers go off the next day, youcan put soap flakes all over their lawn, then in ther morning there are bubbles EVERYWHERE!! do it foe sure its the greatest!!
13) reply by beb posted on 2/17/03 - ok i have a great idea especially for an ex girlfriend u jizz in a cup or make sumthin that looks ike it write a note and then put it on there doorstep and also buy like a buncha huge granny panties write there name on um and maybe put some streaks in um hang um in the trees also use stick deodarant on cars because it doesnt hurt the paint but is a pain to clean off and stays for awhille also be sure to use tp and shavin cream its not original but its good!!!
14) Bloody nightmare - open a can of tuna fish and put it in there mailboxes...or take tampons and use some kind of sauce ..ect..thats red.. and put it all over the tampon...throw tons of them in ppls driveways or mailboxes, or stick bloody pads to car windows...its kind of enjoyable...tata *dont get caught by the cops now kids*

what to do if the cops catch u on ur way there or on ur way bak
1) always stash ur stuff in an alley or somwere were noone goes during the day before u go TPing (make sure it isnt guna rain that day!!!!) that way if a cop stops u just say ur goin out 4 a relaxing midnite walk
2) or its called a trunk...they cant search ur trunk if they stop u and u say "no, u cannot look in my trunk"...not kidding. unless they have a warrant signed by a judge, which is highly unlikely anytime, unless of course u have the usual criminal history of serial murders...
3) yea why stash your stuff when other people could pick it up easily. jus keep it in your house and bring it when you go. or you could keep it in a garage or sumting
4) just buy your stuff you need at wall-mart then throw the receipt in a trash can. And dont bring any evidence back with you. Find use for everything
5) I went toilet papering probably with around 100 rolls on a monday at 430 am. Me and my friends went out that night got to the house we were going to get.. but the cops turned the corner and started rushing toward us.. luckily I got away but 2 of my friends got caught. They got crufew violations on their license ( they have their permit ) and they got $125 fines! thats alittle harsh! I mean come on!
6) fo-townmaster - heres some advice if u really don't wann get caught by the cops for curfue go a little before the curfue is. this way when u r done and walking back if a cop stops u it is close enough to curfue that they will let u go. Also go when the curfue ends. like our cerfue ends at 5 i went and it was pretty dark. also there arn't as many cops bc who would think of going at 5 lol also at 5 people arn't quite getting off work yet.
7) this one time we went we got my teacher with over 200 roles and shredde paper all over theyard but the next moning the police came to my house and we were caught so a tip is don't tell anyone but the people you are going with. Ps its not fun cleaning all that Up!

TP'ing Penalties
1) I know that very few times anyone is ever charged with anything or in serious trouble for Tp'ing...but if you had some fat old mean cop, what is the normal penalty for tp'ing?
2) I heard that here (Oregon) its $50 a roll... but that isnt confirmed. My dad's a cop, so I really should know.
3) TRECO posted on 11/8/03 at 05:51 AM
4) I live in this gated community in San Diego, California and there are security guards in their cars that drive by all the time. I guess it's better than the cops catching you but it's still really annoying because they drive by almost every half an hour. If you get caught in Fairbanks, you get a report filed on you and you have to clean it up but there's not fine. If you get caught 3 times I think there's a fine... like 3 strikes.
5) here in tuscaloosa, alabama, its 50$ A SQUARE. so if you get caught and they call the cops, you get screwed over big time plus, you get trespassing and being out after curfew on top of that
6) lets just put it this way, where i live in illinois there is an exstensive investigation being done and if me and the 15 man group i was in get caught the charges will be ungodly, thousands of dollars in fines

tping tips for tall trees?

1) In this one neighboorhood where the trees are really high (pretty much half pine trees) we get on the roof to get the tp on the tops of trees. It looks so awsome and the people can't reach the paper. When ever we do this though i get freaking nervous. Have any tips for throwing tp really high.
2) ...anyways for getting up high in the trees, the best way i can say is to have the person with the strongest arm do it,

Small trees?
stezopoffiens posted on 9/17/05 at 03:25 AM
A good way to tp someone if they do not have many trees is to rip up a bunch of toilet paper and spread it on their lawn. It takes them a lot more time to pick up then the toilet paper in the small trees.

Late Shift by Blitzzen 12/22/00
Well, a friend and I just got back from a massive TP job. We started at 4:35 AM and got back at 5 AM. It might
sound a little late but I think its a good time. Anyway, we decided to record it on a video camera... so we did. What do
you guys think about recording a TP job? Is it safe or too risky?
Dontneedtoknow, 69 USA - Friday, December 22, 2000

reply from ShadowAK
Feb. 01, 2001
Hey, someone who shares the same common interest as me! It's a pleasure to meet you. Me and my partner have done many jobs, and we have recorded 4. The best job we did, we used 95 rolls. I got up on their roof with a lawn table and some help from my partner. It was the ****! He gave me like a 24 pack and I just stood up there and bombed down on the trees. We put lawn chaires all over their roof and we always keep it safe. We take about 3 hours to do it, we take no chances and are very quite. What you should try that I find to be hilarious, is to make it look like a party. If they have a a table and chairs in the back, put it on the front and put some pop cans and chips on it. Also, if they have a grill, buy some hot dogs and place em on the grill. Hey, I'd love to hear some of your stories man, so hit me back. O.K?
P.S Summer's coming!

what are you stupid SK8TER4LIFE posted on 10/29/05 at 04:30 AM
so dudes if your still in elementary school and tp'ing dont bring your mom with when the dam person opens the door they scream and the dam asswipes call the cops and you have to hide in a bush with garden spiders
and a tip for a house in remodeling or with no bushes tear it up and glue it to the house! it is so cool

Wear Black by FaT CaTS! posted on 5/28/04 at 01:54 AM
YO HoMeDogS!! WatS CooKin!? NeWay......so yeah we went tping my neighbors house and we got them soooo BAD! AnD WHEN I SAY BAD I MEAN IT! neway!!! we got it like up really high in their trees and it was freakin off the heezy fa seezy if ya know wat i mean? It was aLl oVer ThE bUshes and when you go tping make sure you wear black....cuz we learned that the hard way....! HaHa dOn't AsK! So YeaH jUst maKe sure thaT you dont get caught, you wear black, and you make sure the family is in bed or not hOmE!!!!!!!!!! GooD LuCk!!!!!
2) you wear all black, what'd you do wear freaking neon, its common sense.
3) "i know i sound crazy but its alot better if you wear grey because black leaves an outline cuz its too dark grey is just perfect believe me on this" posted by*eye in the sky*
4) dressing up like super heros is way better than dressing in black or grey...one night i dressed up w/ a rainbow afro, a mexican fighting mask, short blue shorts, and a superman cape, and a few of my friends wore batman/ninja turtle/power ranger costumes. Its a lot more fun-
5) i dont care for dressing in black that much but i dont dress bright. But to show how dumb girls are some tried to tp me and then we caught them and they tried running even tho they had glow in the dark necklaces on. I got them back later that same night so it was all good.
6) Heres a few tips. You should always were correct clothes when you toiler paper. Here are my top 5...
# 1.Wear shoes. This should be obvious. I would request using a old pair of shoes, dont wear your brand new $150 dollar designer shoes. There is a possible change of alot of running. But as for a old pair, wear a pair that you have broken into and that fit fine.
# 2.Wear dark clothes. This should also be obvious. Dark clothes is always nessicary incase you have to hide. This should always be a tp must, you never ever want to see seen while your tp'ing. Also camo is always fun to dress in for tp nights.
# 3.Wear jeans, sweatpants, ect, even its a hot summer night. If you're tp'ing late at night its not easy to see, you never know what you might walk into. I'll tell you one thing its not fun wakeing up the next morning with cuts and scrapes all over your legs.
# 4.Wear old clothes. I would recomind that you wear old clothes that somewhat no longer fit. If you're going to be doing more stuff than tp'ing that will be a bigger mess, its not worth getting that stuff on your brand new clothes that your have just bought.
# 5.Dont wear baggy clothes. It can be to heavy and tp'ing requires alot of moving around. I understand that some of you have tp'ed in cold weather, I know I have. But its better to layer up on long-sleve shirts and 1 jacket and not 1 long-sleve **** and abunch of jackets.

Getting past the dogs
1) hey wats up ppl, my name is jeremy. Im having a party on devils night and theirs this kid that lives down my street that i've been wanting to tp real bad. But their is 2dogs at his house and they bark at ne thing that they smell or see. How should we tp this person.
2) get some fattie dog bones

guys how should i sneek out.
1 )...Just...die.. No but really, if you've never snuck out before, maybe TP'ing is a little hxc for you.
2) when I went, i just jumped out my window. We planned for like a week on how to do it with out gettin caught. We got them really bad.
3) Hey I dont have 2 sneek out cause my mom or aunt takes me my did it wen she was little so she thinks i should b able 2 do it 2!!!!

Rapid Fire TP Launcher
1) Does anyone know where I can get a tp gun? Maybe one you can mount on the back of a truck and do a couple of drivebys.
2) Yeah dude, I made one. It shoots 5 at a time and holds 20. You can do some major damage real quick. Its sorta like a catapult.
3) Yeah, TP guns are cool, but the only thing you have to worry about is if they make noise.
4) Nightmare posted on 1/10/04  - "Yo, im making one, find out how to make a combustion cannon. Then get a 14in long 4" dia. PVC or ABS pipe and a 4" to 2"( or whatever your barrel size is) and a male and female traded coupler. Attach 1 coupler to cannon and other to TP barrel and screw in. VIOLA! look around on the internet if that too vague, there is a few sites like xinventions.com and http://members.tripod.com/j-shortreed/index2.htm that tell you how to make then. Also try the spud gun database. I wrote this in like 1 min so im in a hurry. later
5) http://www.xinventions.com/main/spud/tp.htm
1- 3 foot long 2 inch ABS pipe (barrel)
1- 2" long of 2 inch ABS pipe (connects reducer to male adapter)
1- 4" x 4" x 1.5" 45 "Wye" coupling (looks like a lower case y (see pictures)
1- 4" to 2" bell reducer(looks like a funnel)
1- 4" Cleanout and cap (screw it in)
1- 1.5" cleanout and cap (screw it in)
1- 2" male adapter (attaches to reducer)
1- 2" female adapter (attaches to barrel)
1- About 8" of 4" ABS (this connects the reducer to the chamber and chamber to the 4" cleanout)
1- About 3" of 1.5" ABS (this connects the chamber to the 1.5" cleanout)
1- One Spud Gun Igniter (see bellow).
1- 4 foot broomstick or equivalent.
1- Can ABS joint Cement (small).

TP wads are always fun! by TPGD 1/29/01
Hey it's TPGD from Miami's TPCREW! There are always other ways of TPin'...anything really. The most fun for us is TP-wads. All you do is get a bunch of water bottles (with water, which you can refill at any gas station), and a pack of at least 4-6 rolls of cheapy tp. You can find this tp at a publix or some grocery store for $1.49 per pack of 6. Rip off a handfull of tp and wet it with water. Try not to have too much water, otherwise the tp won't fly, use as much as you need for the wad to be wet, but not soaking. When you throw it, it's supposed to fly almost as good as a tennis ball. It's always fun to do drive-by TPin'. Just get a bunch of wads together, stop, throw and go. Also helps if you have a convertible, so much easier. Anyway, have fun. We'll be back, when we get a webcam! ;] TP responsibly.
2) Rich responds Jan 29, 2001 on 12:02 a.m.
Problem with a convertible is that it's easy to get wadded back! And a convertible's a real drag in the snowy north.
3) I like to use TP wads when we are done TPing the house. What we do is get all the TP still on the ground wet it then throw it at the bed room windows to wake up the victims.

What's your trademark? by Bacon Mongers posted on 1/20/06 at 03:19 AM
1) Our group leaves raw bacon all over the porch and then plasters the persons bedroom window with bacon. I've also heard of turning trashcans upside down on the roof and leaving a specific resturaunt's trash on the lawn. What's your groups trademark? We also just started wraping the front of the porch with saran wrap so it's like yur own little dome of saran wrap on the porch.
2) don't leave trademarks after people know it's you or they'll always know it's u. We used to leave a pile of crap under their cars
3) we stick all the empty tp rolls on their front porch
4) ring there door bell 25 times
5) we always leave a note cause they always know it's us, also our trade mark is pigs feet, sardines and yams
6) Me and two chicks are going TPing in like 2 minutes . This is what were gonna do:
-Write messages in the yard using bleach
-Seran wrap doors/cars
-Fork the yard
-Spread paper plates with messages on them all over
-Leave a trail of poker chips around
-TP of course
-Spray cheese someone's car
-Dump some stink bombs on the door step
-Leave a 6 pack of pop for all their troubles (its our call sign)
-Dump marshmellows in the yard
7) I have done things like this since 6th grade and i am now a senior in high school. I have never gotten sick of doing any of it. My friends from junior were known as the best and in high school we are now friends with the best from the other junior highs. best place to get tp is gas stations. Drive around for a night, ask to us the bathroom, turn the water on flush the toilet, then bust open the tp despenser. they are huge, wear a big jacket and put the tp under your arm. Dry ice bombs in mailboxes work great to wake up neighbors at end. In the fall we collect everyones pumpkins and bags of leaves by the curb and put them on peoples lawns. penny tapping is great and funny as hell. Our mark is a bag of flower on the porch with a fish head in it, with a sausage in a condom in it's mouth. We dig things in opposing high schools football fields. we steal banners, plaques, shields and burn them on in parking lots of schools they are from. steal trophies of state champs and drink out of the cups. power boxing is fun, just go in back and shut the power off. Same with water to house. You can get tp from schools storage closets at night, outhouses at construction sites. Good way to keep cars away from the house your getting is to gather baracades an block off all ways to the houses. gather up your dogs **** for a while and put it on the door step. catch fish and frogs and put them in cars. take off car tires and put them on small blocks and hide the tires. we saw one of our houses when people were getting it and took their tire tell they cleaned it up. paint ball guns, bleach in water balloons. In the summer go to a store that puts overstock out front cover license plates and take everything. We got boxes of tuna fish, pickles, dog food, juice, cantaloupe, and lots of other things. unplugged peoples spark plugs before you start a house will stall them when their trying to chase you. Keep in mind no one gets caught, one gets grabbed everyone else comes back and fights them free no POW's. we went to the DI and got suits and things to cover our faces so we won't get caught by some recognizing our clothes and we hide the suites. never say the name of someone helping you have code names or whatever. pack snow up against doors so when they open it all goes inside. also do it with garbage cans. put everyones garbage can back on garbage day. Rotten peach, apricots ect.. splatter pretty good and stink. Make sure you only tp if it is suppose to rain that night or turn the hose on and soke it

Good Deed (removing tp) Editor's note: Do NOT try this
1) I just looked out the window and saw my neighbor's tree has been toilet papered. Something's telling me I'll be out there tomorrow helping her clean it up. I know how to get T.P. into the trees (that's not a confession). I need some suggestions on the best way to get it out.
2) Try to pull as much down as possible without using water. If you use water, try to hit it with a strong direct blast before it gets soggy.
3) burn it off with a torch - if it's not windy, it will burn right up to the tree
4) burn it off but be sure to have a fire extinguisher a bucket of water and a hose ready!!!!!

How to get free toilet paper (It will always work) Knox posted July 01
Low on paper? No cash? It's not a problem. I have a secret plan to get paper that has worked every time that I've used it a bunch of times before and so have other people. Make a list of uncommon things (including a roll or two of toilet paper) and then cross everything off except for the tp and the hardest thing on the list and then go door to door saying that you're on a scavenger hunt and need their help. Trust me it always works. Don't ever try it on neighbors more than once a year. Try it in other neighborhoods sometimes.
2) hey that sounds good, but another good thing that i use is i live by a golf course and they have bathrooms along the course (w/ paper in them) u get empty rolls that u have used at your house, steal the ones from the golf course bathrooms and leave behind the cardboard rinse and repeat day after day i have gotten tons off this method. Spyder

tips for buying tp?
1) im 15 and usually 3 of my friends go with me so we go to different stores, but we always have to make up long stories so we dont look suspicious. I was wondering if any1 had any easier ways. The only way that makes it easier is to get a hot young girl or even a young guy (he doesn't have to be hot cuz im not gay) and they usually just make a little joke about it and let u buy tons of tp!
2) Aye, Many a tactic I have for aquiring toiletpaper:
# 1. If you dont go tping all that often, take 1-3 rolls of toilet paper everytime someone in your house buys toilet paper and make a stash of tp somewhere. No one will notice it missing if you only take a few rolls at a time.
# 2. You'd be suprised how many public restrooms leave their toiletpaper supply unlocked. Everytime your in a public bathroom, look around. Bring a backpack or a different kind of unsuspicious bag into public bathrooms where you know you can find some tp, and take what ya need. As soon as the bag is full, get out. Dont fill the bag to full or it will look suspicious. Have something in the bag before you go in too, like a book etc...
# 3. I think I read this somewhere on this site. Go door to door with a bag full of random stuff, a list of the stuff in the bag AND a roll of toiletpaper, but cross everything off except the toiletpaper and say you're on a scavenger hunt. Most people will give up a roll of tp. Dont do this to the neighborhood your going to tp, and dont do it more than once a year to the same people.
3) Good ideas, all three of them, exspecially 2 because they dont check it. but i used to do stuff like that, but my mom found out, one night, and now...SHE BUYS IT FOR US!!
4) What I do is either
# 1. Is just go threw the line and pay for it and dont say anything, Just nod your head. and go to another line and pay for some more toilet paper.
#2. If your mom goes to costco or sams club ask her to buy some tp and take like twenty.
#3. Go to your friends house with a whole bunch of friends and have your friends distract him while you go to their bathroom and still their tp. (Usually under the sink)
5) One time this annoying checkout lady asked me my name and number...I just said Joe Kaborne, some really annoying fat kid. I told them their number...the clerk said they're picking me up. So I went outside, waited a while until the clerk wouldn't be suspicious any longer, and took off. Then I asked him if he could do something the next day to see if he was grounded, and he said he can't because he's grounded . Man that kid deserved it though, he always tried to be annoying...poking kids in class, taking off his shoes, etc...
6) U guys r rediculous and obviously not a well organized group such as Hellraisers Inc. We walk into walmart and buy big shipping boxes worth of around 90rolls each box... w/ a younger cashier u just hav to take it all up at once and they might b like"going tpiun?" its no big deal... there arent any laws sayig u cant buy a ****-load (haha) of tp @once....gees...amatuers
7) go to walmart self check...or just buy a 24 pack and suck it up
8) you guys are fucking amatures have any of you actually ever gone? just buy it its not very expensive
9) fo-townmaster wrote, "when i need toiletpaper i just go to our dollar store and buy it. i bought 50 or so rolls and all the aldy at the checkout line said i wonder what ur gonna do with all that toilet paper with a big smile . i just said me and my friend ate some bad pumkin pie and we were gonna need it lol. ive never had any trouble with people as long as your nice and don't talk a whole lot"

TPing in the winter with snow.
1) I've been tping about five times now with friends that are diehard veterans. It's snowed here and we were wondering about some ideas about what would be the best way to get someone in the snow without being vandalistic. We are planning to use like 100-150 rolls this time and about two dozen eggs. We're thinkin' about jamming forks into their lawn under the snow so when it melts like a month later the forks and Qtips are still there. Any better ideas?
2) write crap in their snow with condiments

GOOD ideas, out of the ordinary!!!
1) ok people heres the mission:
i need good ideas that are original. i kno all the usual stuff, but i need some fresh new ideas, and i knew i could count you yall...
so heres what i REALLY need...i need the BEST of the WORST so i need it to be the best thing ever and i want it to be bad.
thanks guys.
waiting for good results...
2) Ok....heres wat i do....2 gallons of panckae syrup for cars...a big sack of flour (sweet if dumped on syrup), chocolate sause, condoms for window whipers, shaving cream, raman noodles, bleach for grass, and 75-100 roles
3) heres what i do.
*toilet paper
*shreded paper
***** on car
*and for somethingorigannel just go through the isle at fryes and find some funny foods to put on there house/car

1) When you tp someone's house, is it supposed to be mean or funny or what? Cuz these ppl didnt do ne damaging stuff and they didnt do a ton of tp. It was all easy to get out and there wasnt very much. Thank a lot!
2) t is funny! and its fun.. u dont want to do sumthin thats goin to be a huge deal to clean up.. its just fun to do... throwing tp in trees.. what could be better??? also hoping not to get caught and gettin ready to run!
3) one of the best parts is having to hide from a car and hope you dont get caught, also hearing there reaction and its much sweeter when you hate that person, just a good revenge tactic

Size Matters
1) Brandon - 1/18/02
Hello everyone, I can see this is not a site being used all too frequently but I seem to enjoy these sorts of things so I'll probably be replying to myself for a while. Anyways, I see the biggest job here was 95 rolls? My smallest job was 70, and my largest was 225 on one house and 8 bottles of shaving cream and we took chairs and soccer nets out of other people's yards and put it into his tree. That was with 15 people doing it so it wasn't as long as it should have taken. Anyways peace out.
2) We just got a kid that goes to our school and noone likes the other night. We used 300 rolls and it took us 1 hr. We smashed pumkins in their driveway, and soaped the card bad. It took him 5 hours to just clean up all of the stuff on the ground. Best job I have EVER done!
3) 300 rolls? Come on! Nobody heard you pull up and park the eighteen wheeler? 0 rolls in an hour? That's a roll every 12 seconds, and that's not counting time for smashing pumpkins or soaping the car!
4) Let's assume you used 300 in 1 hour. If you had 15 people, that's 20 rolls a piece. That's that's 1 roll every 4 minutes. At the most you need 1:30 per roll. That would leave plenty of time to soap, pumpkin, etc... That's believeable.

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