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The Whole World Toilet Paper Scrap Book

A 1959 Collection

The collection on this page was scanned from a 1959 scrapbook
Scrap Book Heading 1959
Grandma Enroute 1959 Brussels Sample1959 London Sample 1959 Nice Sample 1959 Paris Sample 1959 Holland sample 1959 Rome sample 1959 Boat sample 1959 Collectors 1959

When a friend offered to contribute to our site, I couldn't have imagined, how perfect, her contributions would be. Here's a bit of our email correspondence.
Who says email doesn't provide a paper trail?
Me: Are these papers yellowed with age, or are they orange-ish to begin with?
Her:I guess the scrap book page is the type of paper that isn't "acid-free", so I think that would contribute to some yellowing. Although, one sheet, (paris) is definitely pink, and "Nice" is definitely brown. The sheet from the "Boat to Holland" has a nice corrugated-like texture, and I tried to pump the contrast on that one, so you could "get a feel for the texture", so to speak. But the yellowing, I'm very sure is not due to the fact that these pieces were indeed actually USED, even though Grandmom says that in her title. (hee hee)
Me:It would be interesting to find a paper chemist, who could give a little explanation on the permanence, or impermanence of tp, past and present.
Her:I could look into this. My dad is a pharmaceutical chemist, & perhaps he may know the expert who could provide such info!
Me:After all, it wasn't made to last for 40 years.
Her:Grandmom said that when she was a little girl, they used the paper wrappers that oranges came in for toilet paper. Her parents ran a small grocery in Philly's South end. She didn't like the coarse and waxy substance that it was, so when Soft-weeve came onto the market, she became a devoted buyer. her hall closet was always stocked with plenty of packages. She would never want to run out, let alone, run low on the stuff.

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