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Embarrassed: The song that just cried to be written.

If you've never suffered an embarrassing outburst skip this page.

A child's toilet in France When Editor Richard Johnston of Guitar Player Magazine reviewed TagYerit's first CD "Heavy Construction", Oct. 1996, he said, " No rhyme's too audacious, no revelation too embarrassing, no groove too loose and loopy - this one's full of the pure joy of words and music." Little did he know that things might get worse. Maybe he shares some of the blame for being an 'enabler'. In any case, this song made the cut. Sure it's not to everyone's taste. But consider it a homage to humanity's bodily burdens.


Embarrassed  (All True)   © 1998 R&F Newman

Date at the movies - there's quite a crowd
When bodily functions start functioning loud
Cold stares and some giggles are flying your way
But what's floating their way - it's not hard to say

        Weren't you embarrassed  - mortified 
        Wish life had rewind  - wanna just hide
        Weren't you embarrassed - scream inside
        “If gods were merciful- they'd let me just die.”

A long day teaching - the class - just walked out the door
When you notice some underpants in the middle of the floor
With a fast-sinking feeling, you realize they're yours
Slow working their way down your jeans since the night before.

Can you ever show your face in this town - you're not cool
Will friends ever even want you around - so uncool

        Weren't you embarrassed ...

You lead cheers for basketball  - team just broke a tie score
You screamed and you laughed so hard that you peed on the floor
Your shock turns to horror - time and space feel so stuck
As you watch the ref bend right on down and wipe it all up.
It's deserted for miles as you walk on the beach
When your body decides that it needs big relief
Your partner says, “All's clear” so you do your best squat
When straight out of the water pops a frogman to watch

So embarrassed / Call me Scarlet / Crimson Ruby .... Vermilion
Picture taken at a
It's okay, they're mannequins.

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