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Resources & links concerning toilets & toilet paper (what else?)

Won Park's Money origamiThis gives new meaning to the term "Toilet Paper"

Toilet Paper Fashions - great pictures of the White Cashmere Toilet Paper Collection

Jeremy Inc Custom printing on tp as well as novelty tp for sports fans, news nuts and more. Their motto "What do you wipe with?"

Bidets - Bio Life Technologies and BIDETS.COM manufactures and offers the COCO Bidet, bidet toilet seats, and bidet attachments.

Bidet.org - Bidet Toilet Seats for Sale - They aim to help you find the perfect solution at the right price.

Bidet Reviews (and related links)

Bidet - bidetsPLUS is an online presence specializing in the modern electronic bidet. bidetsPLUS provides video reviews of their most highly reviewed products to help with your bidet selection. - I understand these are the future. A friend who's been to Japan reports that toilet paper is such an uncivilized product. Visit this site to get the scoop on bidets, watch the video and you can see what he means. On that day when toilet paper has become totally obsolete, our collection will become historical.

Custom Printing from Carlberg Grafix, Inc. also offers custom printing on toilet paper.

Contest for the best Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses and more at Cheap-Chic-Weddings.com - Check out the contest for 2005, 2006, and 2007. I just wish they had higher resolution pictures.

Just Toilet Paper  custom printing includes monogrammed, colored, scented core & more.

Roll Mail - Innovation in Toilet Paper for advertisers ... Ever wonder how you can deliver advertising, coupons, premiums and gifts with each purchase of toilet paper. Here's a a patented idea from Russia. Before you click on this link (unless you understand russian, then copy this URL: http://rollmail.ru/ then go to http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/tr plug in the URLhttp://rollmail.ru and tell it to translate from Russian to English.

The Magic John site used to offer a practical toilet paper holder that's unique in it's ease of use. But what really interested me at their site was their Toilet Seat Lifters. While they extol the sanitary features of their product, I was imagining how many homes would be happier without the constant fuss about, "who left the toilet seat up?" In fact more than once I was tempted to design just such a product. However at last search I didn't spot these things.  Still a worthy site though

Talking TP (as seen on TV - no shit!) A toilet paper spindle with a voice recorder embedded in it that's set off by motion.

Toilettenpapier-Sammlung - a toilet paper collector in Germany
To translate to English from the German, copy  the following link:
and then paste it into the Altavista Babelfish Translator and specify your preferred translation language.

How to toilet train your cat Once you've toilet trained your cat, apparently, you won't need cat litter any more. Note though, there are no instructions on getting him to use toilet paper.

Toilet Paper Holders - SpeedCult has some great metal sculpted toilet paper holders among other cool metal designs.

Bathroom Supplies - A great resource for Janitorial Supplies - offering an extensive line of cleaning chemicals, toilet paper and bathroom

Portable Restrooms Rental - Arizona - waste & recycling Services to the Phoenix metropolitan area, including Mesa, Phoenix, Glendale and more.

Portable Toilet Rentals - Find portable toilet rentals, temporary fence, power & storage services at United Site Services.

The Art Museum Toilet Museum of Art - Have you ever wanted to judge a museum by it's toilets? You can now at this site.

Where Are They Now? (lost links)

I don't know if he's still out there but in 2002, Sedonamax was selling a little module that is inserted into the center of a roll of Toilet Paper.
When someone unrolls the toilet paper, a tune will start playing. They had 25 different tunes. Take Me Out To The Ballgame, I left My Heart in San Francisco, Love Me Tender. Happy Birthday, Jingle Bells, and many more. In 2002 Retail Price was $5.00 plus $1.50 shipping and handling.


Toilet Paper Novels Hit Stalls (Germany)
FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Germans who like to read on the toilet no longer need to take newspapers in with them, but can instead turn to novels and poems printed onto
toilet paper, a German publisher said on Wednesday.

"We want our books to be used. That's our philosophy," said Georges Hemmerstoffer, head of the Klo-Verlag which publishes the toilet paper literature. About half of all
people liked to read on the toilet, he said. Poems by German literary giants Heinrich Heine and Christian Morgenstern, as well as tales and detective stories could be found on the toilet rolls, Hemmerstoffer told Reuters at the Frankfurt book fair.

Each text was printed several times on one roll, so that readers could actually use the paper and still leave behind some entertainment for the next toilet visitor.

The website was no longer up as of 3/20/06, but here's a rough translation of that page:

Cordially welcomely with the KLO publishing house, you find here somewhat completely new in things literature: Books in the form of toilettenpapier. With our literary Klorollen we address ourselves to all those, which read always gladly on the quiet Oertchen. We want to achieve thereby in addition, humans, who did not find the entrance into the art of the written word so far yet. With the help of utensils, which must be taken by us all daily into the hand, we hope to facilitate the acces to the literature. The whole is to naturally make fun. Therefore we attach particular importance to maintaining, exciting and humorous texts. For their literary quality the names of the selected writers vouch. Of course the unusual Klo sets are suitable also outstanding for giving away. Contrary to "normal" books the literary Klorollen in any case might prove as useful Mitbringsel.Completely in the sense of the inventor it would be natural, if the papers before use were read. The books are available starting from center/in the middle of of Octobers over the book trade. Gladly you can make over our form for contact in addition, vorbestellungen directly with us! The KLO publishing house requires an exciting discovery journey to you into the new world of the Klopapier literature.

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Toilet Paper in Tax Law:   a 1929 Case Study

"Embarrassed" Lyrics for TagYerit's song(from the CD Tubeman)

Excerpts from the Book of Toilet Paper, (Excretial 10:29-38) Poetry has never known a better medium!

The Fairy Flush Gets Married! - toilet paper wedding dress.

Archive: The original WWTP Museum page - A somewhat goofy explanation of the museum's origins.

The Toilet Paper Museum Visits WMAS in Springfield

The TP Museum gets a cover story in the Springfield Union July 30, 2009

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