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Pumpkins carved from 2007

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The pumpkins you find on these pages were either done by Rich & Flo Newman (aka TagYerit) or sent in by friends & contributors. There are easily more than 10 pages by now, so give  yourself plenty of time to explore the vast range of wonderful creations assembled here!


This year we came up with a new angle. The Songcarvers Series consists of illustrations of   TagYerit songs carved onto pumpkins. We also took a sequence of photos of each set that takes you through the original drawing to the finished pumpkins that you see here. Then we strung them together with the songs creating mini music videos. You can watch and listen to the evolution at Each song has 2 carvings.

Those pictured here are Deranged, Outlaw Radio Guy and Tubeman

Taking her inspiration from this website, Trish decided to take on what she considered an ambitious project for a newbie.
Here's Trish's comments:
"It didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped, but better than I feared. Thankfully, it's a lot more forgiving with the lights off but the nose is still a little messed up, and there is an earring but it doesn't show up. I learned a few things here... thin lines that look good on paper are really hard to carve and cheap tools from a craft store just aren't good enough. Next time I'm going to the hardware store.
Anyway, this is my attempt at American McGee's Cheshire Cat. It took about 5 hours and my fingers hurt now."

So there you go. We hope you follow Trish's lead and try something new.

""You've gone quite mangy, cat. But your grin is a comfort." ~Alice (part of the first dialog between Alice and the Cat in the American McGee's version.

"For myself, pumpkin carving is an addiction and I enjoy viewing other carvers works of art." Alex McDermott sent in photos of her creations.

Alex' big pumpkin this year is named him "Winking' Jack at last call for alcohol" She also had time to carve the Mona Lisa and Frankenstein before she plain ran out of time.

Scott Davis' very cool face illustrates the 'negative' effect. Where the pumpkin is carved least, it looks lightest when unlit and darkest when lit. Scott added, "When I had this pumpkin out for Halloween some people thought it was plastic. LOL"

Michelle Icome sent these in.- "The gears of war pumpkin was my 6 year old son Alex's idea. He loves the game he and his dad play on the xbox 360 and wanted the logo with flames around. So I printed the logo from the internet, stuck the pins in the appropriate parts, and connected the dots! The flames we did freehand with a tool i got from a manicure set that is shaped like a v. I don't know what it's supposed to be used for but it made the job so easy! hope you enjoy it as much as we do!"

"My partner, Scott, did the grim reaper from a black and white painting /drawing found on the internet (i dont know who the artist was for credit sorry) so it was easy for him to simplify the design onto the pumpkin and cut out all the bits that were white. The long one was going to be a hanged man but then I found a lovely silhouette picture again during a google search on the net and decided to tweek it slightly to make a picture of pan (like a fawn with a flute) hypnotising a maiden with his song & adding flames around the pan and pinning on a horn coz I forgot to add it when drawing!"


Janet Lange is a pumpkin painter as well as carver.
She teaches pumpkin painting and carving workshops
in various classrooms. You will find more of her pumpkin work at
Pumpkin Painting
& 2006

You can discover more of Janet's artwork at

Here, Ashleigh (9 years old) is showing off her first carved pumpkin with Snape. Quite impressive. It doesn't hurt, of course, that her father, Rick Chong, has been a contributor to this web site for a number of years. She took it to her school and won the carving contest. As if Snape wasn't enough, Ashleigh decided that He Who Must Not Be Named (Lord Voldemort) should make his presence known also.

Here's Rick Chong's gallery of carved pumpkins for this year. - Ably assisted by his apprentice Ashleigh, who proves in the above pumpkin that she's a quick study!

"Well, it's a 'Jurassic Start!' After searching the internet for an original pattern to propose for this year's carving for my 7-year-old, I found your site and viewed it in its entirety. I was very intrigued, and when both my old man and my friend told me how hard it would be, & how long it would take, it became more of a challenge to dig in! I really wanted a pumpkin for myself, but since my son is in full dinosaur swing, I took the parental route and caved to what I knew he would adore.

It was really an experiment in texture, light, & tools. I started with the cheap pumpkin carving set from Wal-mart, then pulled out the knives, fork, and finally the vegetable peeler, consistently checking with a flashlight and going from a fully lit room to see my pattern to a dark room to check the result so far. I searched the internet for a picture and printed it black-and-white. I simply cut it out, taped it to the pumpkin, and used that rounded, multi-spiked tool in the store-bought kit to outline the outside and major features. From there it was all texture tweaking. Although I know I could spend another 30-45 minutes getting the facial textures just right, I decided to leave it well enough alone.
I was surprised how easy the pumpkin medium is to work in. Definitely something to play with for the budget artist, who also has lots of candles. It may lead to a hobby of mauling many fruits and vegetables all year round! Thanks for your site!"
Danielle Dowdy

"I am from UK & when i was young we used to use Turnips (dont know if you know what these are?) but they are a vegetable and we used to get them from farmers fields, not law obiding but they had plenty lol, a lot harder to even carve a face on these and make them hollow than using a pumpkin which is getting to be the craze now here. Anyway i was looking at web sites for pumpkin carving and the first one i tried was the face - i know it needed cleaning up a bit but i did not have all of the correct carving tools and i'm no artist but i thought it turned out well, then i tried to do a Halloween mask which i had in the house but it started to look like an animal so i made it into mm maybe a bear well looks like one. Well there you go"
~ Steve (Sunderland UK)

Our neighbor Louise was inspired  by MC Escher's "Devils & Angels" to make this pumpkin.

Lee Ellis ~ "Elisabeth Swan, Will Turner, and the Jolly Roger were from a pattern I made off the Movie poster this year. I opted to do two color transfer not the usual carving... I was able to do more pumpkins that way. Most took less than an hour to do. I prepared a paper transfer, used an Xacto knife to score the skin, I used the scored skin as a guide and used a wood carving tool to clear all the spaces to be cut. Once all the spaces are cleared I used a used a standard Pumpkin carving Kit knife(small thin version you can purchase at any craft, grocery or walmart) a Dremmel tool for tight spots like Davey Jones' dots on the hat and Eyes. I am satisfied with the results this year and look forward to next years Creations! "
Lee's work can also be seen in our 2005 & 2006 galleries.

Sergio Santellan returns again on his second year of pumpkin carving . Visit 2006 to see his previous contributions.



"Hello friends & Potter fans,
Hallowe'en has come & gone. I made 2 Potter Jack o'Lanterns this year & I like to show them off so here are the pics. The first, "Harry Triumphant" took 3.5 hours to carve. The second, "Happily Ever After" took 3 hours (Ginny, Harry, Ron & Hermione). It was much more difficult because the image was too small. Hope you enjoy them."   ~ Jess Braun.
For even more Harry Potter, see Jess' Harry Potter Trio in 2006 & Flo's Hedwig in 2005

Jonathan Shaw decided to do this creepy Mike Myers with encouragement from his wife Tracy. "It took me eight hours to complete but we think it came out pretty cool". It only seems appropriate that the Halloween movie character be carved on a pumpkin for Halloween "the holiday". Doesn't seem so scary here in his unlit moment, but he really comes to life when lit for the night! WATCH OUT!

Bill Agnew sent in the following, "I really liked your website and the great pumpkins that have been carved over the years. One of the pumpkins I saw was Michael Myers. ... My girlfriend Drea made me a tracing layout of the picture and I carved it. It came out way better than I thought it would. When I put the candle inside wow what a difference it makes. Sorry I did not take a picture of my pumpkin unlit. I also have a picture of Drea's pumpkin. She did a griffin and it was very intricate and very hard. I think it took both of us like 4 or 5 hours to do them. I think this year I am going to try to do Pinhead which will be hard, but I am up to the challenge." As you compare the 2 Myers pictures you can see certain adjustments Bill & Drea did . At first glance they look similar but then you notice the extra detail to the eyes and to the knife blade, among other simple shifts of a line.

Sharon Jagger sent in these pumpkins done in years past.

"These two were in 2001... lost some color with night shot, but you see I was on a patriotic kick that year."

More of Sharon's Halloween stuff HERE & her window splash & murals HERE

Keep going, there's so much to see!

Don't stop now ... visit the following pages for more great pumpkins!

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