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Pumpkins carved from 2014 and Beyonds

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The pumpkins you find on these pages were either done by Rich & Flo Newman (aka TagYerit) or sent in by friends & contributors. We've been carving for many years, so give yourself plenty of time to explore the vast range of wonderful creations assembled here!


This year, we've carved pumpkins with the kids. Sometimes it's good to bring it back to the simple, quick, off-the-cuff ideas. We have 5 grand nieces and nephews. For the youngest we carved simple faces. The 2 boys wanted "The Hulk" which we carved to their specs. And for the 6 yr. old, well we carved her most excellent drawing.

For the Kids

Portrait Pumpkin - On The Swings

Taken directly from a photo.


Flo and Rich each carved just one pumpkin for Halloween 2017

The Disembodied Spirits Puppet Show

Flo:"A tough challenge to design and carve all the levels of the scene. The puppeteers are made of pieces of sky and the spirit audience in the balcony on the right is only visible because they are wearing gloves and jewelry."

Trilby & Svengali

This is Trilby and Svengali from the story "Trilby" by George du Maurier. (1894) - The image is from the 1931 movie Svengali with John Barrymore as Svengali and Marian Marsh as Trilby. It's definitely a tragic #metoo story, where Svengali uses his powers to control Trilby and when he stops her life deteriorates.


8 Views of the Ghost Train Pumpkin

This pumpkin has a bit of everything. A cross between an old woodcut print and a 3 dimensional lithophane. Showing several trains - One in the distance on a trestle; a steam locomotive engine train pulling into the depot; the caboose of a train as it enters the mountain tunnel, 2 buildings in a ghost town along with the old water tower.
How many ghosts can you spot? Did you see the open door on the caboose, and the ladder in the ghost town?
Left view of Ghost Train Pumpkin Right view of Ghost Train Pumpkin Bottom view of Ghost Train Pumpkin  Unlit Ghost Train Ghost Train Steam Engine pulling into station Ghost Train Coming into the Station Depot while Ghost passenger awaits Ghost Town View of Caboose heading into mountainside tunnel.

"Phantom of The Pumpkin Opera" (of course)

Click here for 2016's Political pumpkin


Badass Babes: 4 Nesting Matryoshka Dolls

From left to right: Medusa; Wednesday Addams; The Bride of Frankenstein; Vampire (w/ trad. design)

From largest to smallest: Vampire (traditional costume); The Bride of Frankenstein; Medusa; Wednesday Addams.

Chinese 6 Panel Hanging Lantern

The six panels for this hanging pumpkin lantern are a Tambourine player on stilts; a dragon; a girl in a kimono; a pagoda; and a couple dancing the jitterbug (Lindy Hop). I've mixed images from different Asian cultures as well as the American dancing couple. The bottom is cut off; a hole drilled up through the stem with the light fixture in the top and it's hung on a stand. The secret to hanging it is a very large lamp washer.

Using images found on the web from a search for "paper cutouts". Please let me know if I've used your images and would like credit (and link).

Winnie The Pooh & Christopher Robbin

I believe this is from the E.H. Shepard illustrations for The House at Pooh Corner by A. A. Milne. Carved to celebrate Sydney's 3rd Birthday.


Boycott Whole Foods

When Whole Foods announced they would start selling rabbit meat, we had to join the forces to stop them. Write to them - call them - email them - boycott. How will you feel when they decide it's okay to put the family of your beloved pet on the menu?

Designed by Dianne Stawiarz and carved by Flo Newman (TagYerit)

"Play is The Way"

Carved for our new nephew Tyler, so that he'll always find joy in his path. This carving was very multi-level - and we constantly had to keep track so that the figures appear to recede into the distance. Because of the details, most of the carving was done while wearing jewelers glasses. The details on the violinist was especially wicked to carve.

Spider Web Tiffany Hanging Lamp

Years ago, I carved a copy of a Tiffany Wisteria lamp on a pumpkin and set it on a table lamp base. It looked great, unfortunately I never got a good picture of that, but recently decided to revisit the concept. This spider web hanging pumpkin lamp is the result. People call these Tiffany style lamps. Though Tiffany Studios was one of several stained glass lamp manufacturers, his name is most known.

We were photographed for the Oct. 30, 2014 issue of the Valley Advocate carving this pumpkin.

Kitties - 8 of 'em

Sydney's theme for Halloween this year is kittens, so we (mostly Flo) carved this at her Birthday party.

The kitty with the yarn is the back door where the light is installed.

Happy HULAween

Thought a hulahoop would be a perfect way to use the pumpkin's natural shape. This was an experiment with contour lines. One of the few pumpkins we've carved that also looks good unlit. It has an op-art feel to it. Animator Doug Rappin kindly consulted with Flo on the original drawing.
Keep going, there's so much to see!

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