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S&H is free for all books mailed in the continental US via USPS Media Mail. If you would like insurance and other that will be extra. Any iem that fits in a USPS Global Priority envelope will be most likely be $11 for foreign delivery. Contact us for more options.

Congressional Directory 62d Congress. 2d Session - $19.00

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S&H included for US sales only. All others contact us first.

Description: Published by Government Printing Office April 1912
listing members of congress, their biographies, seating plans, Executive positions and bureaus including Secretary of War; Department of Interior; Supreme Court & other Judiciary, Postal System etc. Do you know who represented your state and district 100 + years ago? The Vice President?
Condition: Clean, but the cover is loose on endpapers and map of Washington CD in back is missing (a fragment remains). Dirt or discoloration on cover.
Size: 6" X 9"
478 pages

US Army Infantry Drill Regulations 1895 - $32.00 includes S&H

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United States Army Adopted Oct. 3, 1891
D. Appleton & Company, New York: Army & Navy Journal, 1895. Softcover. Nice illustrations
Fair to good condition - cover is loose from book - cover has creas and tear. Bottom corner of first 15 pages or so are folded.
My pictures should give a good idea of the actual condition
3 3/4" X 5"
353 pages

1935 Criminal Identification by John Edgar Hoover $31.00 includes S&H

Criminal Identification by John Edgar Hoover, Director Federal Bureau of Investigation. U.S. Department of Justice
Washington D.C. August 15, 1935
Stapled pamphlet 14 pages 8" X 10 1/2"

by one of the most controversial & powerful governmental figures in the 20th century. J. Edgar Hoover was the face of law enforcement in America for almost 50 years. He was feared and admired - and the subject of the movie " J. Edgar" released in 2011 (played by Leonardo DiCaprio).

Click Paper Doll Thumbnails for larger images.


President Ronald Reagan (1984) & Nancy Reagan Paper Dolls (1983) - $16 Incl. S&H

Tom Tierney Paper Dolls in Full Color
These are in good condition - uncut. minor staining on back covers. Each contains a brief bio and 15 plates.
9 1/8" X 12 1/4"

Woodrow Wilson: A Memorial Address by Dr. Edwin Alderman - $24.00

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S&H included for US sales only. All others contact us first.

Woodrow Wilson: Memorial Address Delivered Before a Joint Session of the Two Houses of Congress December 15, 1924, in Honor of the Late president of the United States
68th Cong., 2d sess. Senate. Doc. 174) ([U.S.] 68th Cong., 2d sess. Senate. Doc. 174)
Edwin Anderson Alderman
Doubleday, Page & Company, Garden City, NY, 1925
First Edition
A photograph of the Address is on the dust jacket.
Deckled pages
Condition: Dust Jacket has some tears and fraying on top and bottom edges. Pages are good and clean. There is foxing on the edges.
Size: 5" X 7 5/8"
80 pages

A Child's History of the United States. Volume 1 and 3 by John Gilmary Shea - $85.00

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S&H included for US sales only. All others contact us first.

A History of the United States, Recounted to The Young
Numerous engravings, portraits, and plates - which include obvious choices such as George Washington, engravings of battle scenes, but also illustrations of the period and portraits of several women who were prominent contributors. I have not read this and do not know if the historic descriptions match to each of the pictures. I've provided a link to approx. 60 pictures. The volumes had many more.
This is Volumes 1 & 3 of a 3 volume set.

Vol. I McMenamy, Hess & Co., New York, 1872. Hardcover. Brown decorative boards with half leather binding, raised bands on spine and gilt title;
Covers the years approximately from 1492 to June 1780 (Revolutionary war)

Vol. III Hess & McDavitt 1872. 1872 is listed as the Copyright date, but the final chapter actually goes through 1873 which coincides with the date when McDavitt joined Hess as a partner.
Covers approx. January 1862 (Civil War) to December 1873

Interestingly these volumes include pictures of prominent women of the times including:
Martha Wilson who hosted General George Washington and Martha during the American revolutionary war.
Sarah Bache, daughter of Benjamin Franklin and Deborah Reed was an ardent supporter for the cause of the Revolution including being involved in relief work and helping raise money for the Continental Army
Cornelia Beekman - a memoir of her interactions with various soldiers adds to the color of the history of the revolutionary war.
Mercy Warren was considered the "Conscience of the American Revolution." She was an influential writer, the first American woman playwright. She wrote the first history of the American Revolutionary War and influenced most of founding fathers, as well as speaking up for women's rights.

Books of this type would reuse images from other sources. One of my favorite prints is Mrs. Pell's Pilgrimage which was an illustration presumably from the Godey magazine story of the same name of 1846. While the fictional story has nothing of history about it, it does tell the story of someone's first encounter riding a steamship.

Condition: These books are in good condition. There are scuffs on the cover and occasional markings and minimal signs of wear and tear.
Size: 7 3/4" X 10 1/2"
Vol. I 512 pages
Vol. III 443 pages

A Brief History of the United States - 1885 Barnes's Historical Series - $19.00

<-- Click image to left for more pics
S&H included for US sales only. All others contact us first.

American Book Company, 1885. Hardcover.
Tan cloth boards sport extensive embossing and decorative artwork. This is not a book for the history major, except maybe for someone studying the history of the teaching of history. BUT the 2 page color picture of the eagle with early flags is nice. Worthy of Sheldon Cooper's "Fun with Flags" series.

The other interesting thing about this book is in the inscription on Title Page - " School Text used by Lilly Bell 'Meredith' Taylor about 1885. Presented to MM Taylor in 1965 (by) Dr. MM Taylor." A web search of Dr. MM Taylor brings up this short biography of Lilly Beth HERE.
Condition: The book is in poor condition, it's value is in the plates. (see pictures)
Size: 6" X 8 1/4"
354 pages + index

The Life of Major-General Zachary Taylor by H. Montgomery - $24.00

<-- Click image to left for more pics
S&H included for US sales only. All others contact us first.

The Life of Major-General Zachary Taylor, Twelfth President of the United States - Alta Edition by H. Montgomery
Published by Porter and Coates, Philadelphia
Undated but this would be circa 1890.
Condition: Good condition with the following exceptions. Front free endpaper along with plate of Zachary Taylor and title page are loose; back cover to end paper are separating. Front endpaper has writing as Xmas gift in 1968
Size: 5 1/4" X 7 3/4"
463 pages

The Great Galveston Disaster (1900) by Paul Lester - $29.00

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S&H included for US sales only. All others contact us first.

International Pub Co, Philadelphia, 1900.
Hardcover. Maroon embossed cloth with Gold title
"The Great Galveston Disaster Containing a Full and Thrilling Account of the Most Appalling Calamity of Modern Times by Paul Lester
"Vivid descriptions of the hurricane and terrible rush of waters; Immense destruction of dwellings, business houses, churches and loss of thousands of human lives;
"Thrilling tales of heroic deeds; panic stricken multitudes and heart-rending scenes of agony; frantic efforts to escape a horrible fate; separation of loved ones etc.
"Narrow Escapes from the Jaws of Death
"Terrible sufferings of the survivors; vandals plundering bodies of the dead; wonderful exhibitions of popular sympathy; millions of dollars sent for the relief of the stricken sufferers
"Profusely embellished with photographs taken immediately after the disaster".
Condition: Spine weak - Clean text and photos. (see pictures that I've posted for more)
Size: 6 3/4" X 9 1/4"
516 pages

Complete Story of the San Francisco Horror (llustrated) by the Survivors and Rescuers - $16.00

S&H included for US sales only. All others contact us first.
<-- Click image to left for more pics
Fallows, Samuel (Introduction)
Complete Story of the San Francisco Horror: a Comprehensive and Connected Account of the Terrible Tragedy (the 1906 Earthquake) That Befell the People of Our Golden City.
Hardcover - Presumed 1st edition. Hardcover. no printing / publisher / print date stated; 1906 copyright by Hubert D. Russell.

Description: Describes the events of the San Francisco earthquake of 1906, as well as the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in that year. Also an account of natural disasters through the ages.
Condition: Fair. Cover is poor condition Cover is beginning to tear away from contents. Contents are clean. See pictures.

Size: 7 1/4" X 9 1/4"
408 pages

The Great Hurricane and Tidal Wave - Rhode Island September 21, 1938 - $27.00

<-- Click image to left for more pics
S&H included for US sales only. All others contact us first.

Description: The Great Hurricane and Tidal Wave - Rhode Island September 21, 1938 Published by The Providence Journal An amazing photojournal of Rhode Island's worst hurricane storms on record. The picture link from the cover shows many of the photos of the intense devastation and destruction.
Condition: Good Condition - corners on cover curling with minor crease on top left corner of cover
Size: 8 3/8" X 10 7/8"
116 pages

1920 Bird and Game Laws of Rhode Island - $17.00

Revised to June 1920
Booklet 4" x 6" 39 pages
Complete. Fair to good condition - The text is clean - the booklet complete, but the first 14 pages are dogeared and there's some water staining.

None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen - $13.00

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S&H included for US sales only. All others contact us first.

None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen
Concord Press, Rossmoor, CA, 1972. Soft Cover.
Gary Allen was a conservative political writer who addresses a conspiracy by the power elite by taking money from the common man, establish a non governmental central bank and run up the national debt. Sound familiar? I can't say whether he's correct about any of these things as an intentional power grab, but it certainly points out some weaknesses in our current system if not the solution.
Good clean condition. There is an even toning or aging of the paper. See pictures
Size:4 1/8" X 7"
143 pages

1950 Dictionary of American Underworld Lingo Goldin, O'Leary & Lipsius Editors - $39.00

<-- Click image to left for more pics
S&H included for US sales only. All others contact us first.
Twayne Publishers, Inc., New York, 1950
Goldin, Hyman E., O'Leary, Frank, and Lipsius editors
Has Dust Jacket. The dj is a bit beat up but has wonderful graphics of various shady looking characters hanging out by Sunshine Billiard Hall

The first 244 pages are translations from Underworld to English. Pages 245 to 327 are English to Underworld. A wonderful addition to any dictionary collection. Would be fun to use for a game of fictionary. And a handy reference guide for anyone writing a period film noir genre piece.

Good condition. Has a handwritten inscription on the endpaper, "For the Chief of Police of Weston in grateful appreciation if his advice and assistance here at --- when we were having a little "problem"
Size:6 1/2" X 9 1/4"
327 pages

The Liquor Control Act 1939 Commonwealth of Massachusetts $15.95 w/ S&H

Compiled by the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission
36 page booklet 5 4/4" X 9"
clean inside - some numbers written on the back cover

Witchcraft in Salem Village 1692 by Winfield Nevins - SOLD

<-- Click image to left for more pics

Description: North Shore Publishing Company, 1892, Salem, Massachusetts
Presumed First Edition

"Together with some account of other witchcraft prosecutions in New England and elsewhere." Martha and Giles Corey; Rebecca Nurse; Rev. George Burroughs; Bridget Bishop; Jacobs family; Willard, Carrier and How Procter; Susanna Martin, Mary Easty. Approx 40 illustrations and Photographs of homes, cemeteries, taverns.
Condition: Fair condition. Clean inside, but cover is separated and it's missing the front free endpaper.
Size: 4 3/4" X 7 1/4"
273 pages

Massachusetts Police Procedure 1931 by Albert White Police Dept. New Bedford MA $33.00 w/S&H

New Bedford, MA Reynolds Printing Co 1931

Very Good condition inside, gray hardcover faded and stained.
Signed by the author, "Oct 5 1937 Compliments of Albert  B White, Treas." (The Massachusetts Police Assoc. & The Mass. Police Mutual Aid Assoc.
6 1/4" x 9 1/4"

" Within this book will be found a question pertaining to practically every law in the Massachusetts statutes which the police are expected to enforce. Every important question, with its answer, asked in police promotional examinations during the past fifteen years."

S&H included for US sales (all others contact us first)

1952 Town of Amherst, Massachusetts Street Listings $19.00

<-- Click image to left for more pics
S&H included for US sales only. All others contact us first.

Paperback - Street List of Persons Twenty Years of Age and over Residing in the Town of Amherst January 1, 1952
Condition: small stain on lower right front cover - clean inside other than a few penned notations. Back cover was once bent.
Size: 6" X 9"
96 pages

1959 Tercentenary Hadley Massachusetts $23.00 w/S&H

1659 to 1959
July 31, August 1,2, 1959 Souvenir Edition, by Mrs. John T. Martula
Published by Historical Committee, Hadley, MA, 1959. Photos, ads, spiral-bound
VG condition. A brief history with pictures of many local residents, and businesses including: 4 churches; old & new Hopkins Academy; Russell School; Hooker School; Firetrucks and station; photos from the 1936 flood and 1938 hurricane; an early tractor in use; of course pictures of all the 1959 town officials and members of the tercentenary commission - but my favorites are the picture of the School and Public Health Nurse in front of the 1950s car and the picture of Miss Grace Crosier -" the librarian at the Goodwin Memorial Library since 1922". Ads include The Aqua Vitae restaurant; B&M Construction; Spruce Hill Motel (Hadley's first Motel); R.D. Shipman plumbing; Walter's of Hadley - just to name a few.

Two Years Before The Mast by Richard Dana - $19.00

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S&H included for US sales only. All others contact us first.

Two Years Before the Mast and Twenty-fours Years After by Richard Dana
Harvard Classics Registered Edition
Published by P.F. Collier, NY (1937) in black leather.
Condition: Very Good clean condition. Minor scuffs and a few dings on cover. Top of spine shows wear.
Size: 5 3/4" X 8 1/2"
405 pages

Hero Tales of the American Soldier and Sailor 1899 - $22.00

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S&H included for US sales only. All others contact us first.

Hero Tales of the American Soldier and Sailor as Told by The Heroes Themselves And Their Comrades: The Unwritten History of American Chivalry
Our Four Great Wars (and this before the 20th century wars)
Published by Enterprise Publishing, New York (1899) - Buel, J.W. (Editor)
One two page color frontispiece: "In The Trenches Before Santiago" from a painting by Gilbert Gaul. It shows the front line battle with a cannonball flying over the American flag while the Spanish soldiers are in retreat.

Approximately 100 full page black and white illustrations and photographs.
Includes dedications from the Secretary of the Navy and the Secretary of War, including the accounts of the Civil War, the Spanish-American War, and the American Revolution.
The authors include Theodore Roosevelt, Major-General Joseph Wheeler (sole survivor of the Alamo), the Fleet Surgeon of the Confederate Navy, George B. McClellan, Jr., Frederick Remington, Lt. Richard Wainwright , Admiral George Dewey, President McKinley, and more. Though I haven't read it, it seems to focus primarily on the Spanish American War which had just concluded.

Condition: Fair condition - front cover is separating first several pages are loose to the Table of Contents. Back cover hinge is beginning to break. Clean inside.
Size: 7 1/2" X 9 3/4"
504 pages

Red Letter Days Abroad by John L. Stoddard - $55.00

<-- Click image to left for more pics
S&H included for US sales only. All others contact us first.

Ticknor & Co., Boston., 1883. Hardcover.
1st edition.
First book by popular writer and lecturer, John Stoddard. This is his account of his travels in Spain, Germany and Russia in the 1880s.
Green decorated boards with gilt lettering. All edges gilt.
Over 100 illustrations, b/w engravings & drawings.
Condition: Fair to good condition - some water staining. See pictures.
I have left a dried pressed leaf in the book where it has sat for many years.
Size: 6 1/2" X 8 3/4"
202 pages

Manual of the Corporation of the City of New York, 1868 - $59.00

<-- Click image to left for more pics - 133 in all.
S&H included for US sales only. All others contact us first.

Manual of the Corporation of the City of New York, 1868 Joseph Shannon (Clerk)
Copyright 1869
Blue cloth Hardbound gilt-stamped and decorated covers
Profusely illustrated (4 in color). I have provided 133 pictures (Click the photo) to see what is there as well as to be able to better judge the condition.
Signed and inscribed by Stephen Roberts on inside front cover. Stephen Roberts was Councilman for the 5th District (114th St. and Avenue A) for 1st six months of 1868 (as noted on plate facing page 107).
Condition: Fair to Good condition several pages are loose. I don't know if anything is missing. There are no maps. I have no idea if there would have been any in this edition. Top and bottom of cover are frayed.
Size: 6 1/4" X 9"
912 pages

Bayles' Long Island Handbook 1885 by Richard Bayles Rare - $47.00 w/S&H

Softcover - The front cover is detached and it's the missing the back cover. In all other ways it's in good condition. It includes a fold-out map of Long Island
I presume this to be a first edition
There are around 20 wonderful miniature engravings of buildings in various places on Long Island. Some of them say Photo Eng. Co. There are also some sweet advertising images. I'm including a lot of pictures to show you. (and note: these are low resolution jpegs.) I have seen this in reprint, but I believe this to be a hard to find item.
6 1/8" X 9 1/2"

The Actual Government of Connecticut by Nancy M Schoonmaker 1919 $41.00 w/ S&H

Nancy Schoonmaker was the Executive Secretary Department of Citizenship and in the Connecticut Women Suffrage Association
Published by National Woman Suffrage Publishing Co., Inc., New York City, 1919, First Edition.
Tan cloth - 5" X 7 1/2" - 122 pages

Condition: The scholar who owned this practiced various writings of her name including her penciled monogram on the cover. She also made other notes inside. foxing on inside front and back covers. Good readable copy

A primer on how Connecticut's government works, on the eve of women's being allowed to vote. Encourages active political participation by women while introducing them to the governmental structure of the state, cities and towns, as well as the national government and political parties. The contents: Our Selves and Our Government; Town Government; County Government; Borough Government; City Government; State Government; National Government; Political Parties; Elections; The Education System; Courts; Taxation; and, New Problems. At the end are three tables: Chief Legislative Body; Chief Executive; and, Chief Judicial. As 1919 opened, suffragists had confidence Congress, at very long last, would pass the 19th Amendment.

East Granby: The Evolution of a Connecticut Town by Springman & Guinan $19.00

<-- Click image to left for more pics
S&H included for US sales only. All others contact us first.
Mary Jane Springman and Betty Finnell Guinan
Published for the East Granby Historical Committee by Phoenix Publishing, Canaan (1983) 2nd Edition 2002

Description: A history of the evolution of East Granby from its first days as part of Simsbury (1664 to 1786) to become part of Granby (1786 - 1858) to the incorporation of East Granby in 1858 and then until WWII. A good read for anyone interested in how townships in New England worked and developed - the people involved - the religious influences - agriculture (cigar tobacco), incarceration (Newgate Prison), mining (copper) and industry (silver plating). Also how residents participated in various wars (Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWI & WWII)
Condition: Very good condition, The first flyleaf has a vertical crease
Size: 7 1/4" X 10 1/4"
350 pages

Mystic Stonington Connecticut Directory 1914 $38.00 incl. S&H

<-- Click image to left for more pics

Containing a complete house, business and street directory, for the Town of Groton (Groton Village excepted), and the Town of Stonington (Pawtucket excepted). Also Buildings, Blocks, Libraries, Churches, Post Offices, Etc.
C. DeWitt White Co. Publishers
6 1/2" X 9 1/2"
194 pages
Good condition - slightly musty

Portland By The Sea by Augustus Moulton - $17.00

<-- Click image to left for more pics
S&H included for US sales only. All others contact us first.

Portland by the Sea: An Historical Treatise
Katahdin Pub Co, Augusta, ME, 1926
Portland's history in easily readable form, from the earliest days to the 1920s.
Dark blue-green cloth hardcover with gilt title and white illustration of Maine shoreline on front cover and gilt title on spine
Condition: Good condition - gift inscription 1968 inside right front end paper. Spotting on back cover
Size: 5 1/2" X 7 3/4"
243 pages

The White Hills Their Legends Landscape and Poetry by Thomas King - $27.00

<-- Click image to left for more pics
S&H included for US sales only. All others contact us first.

Description:The White Hills Their Legends Landscape and Poetry by Thomas Starr King With 60 illustrations engraved by Andrew from drawings by Wheelock Publ. by Hurd and Houghton NY 1870 - presumed 1st edition faded brown cloth hardcover - gilt lettering title box
Condition: Spine missing. Much wear on front cover. Clean inside
Size: 6" X 8 3/8"
403 pages

Rare 1868 Land Office Report with original 1869 Map of United States and Territories Incl. S&H $950.00

<-- Click image to left for 42 more pics
S&H included for US sales only. All others contact us first.
It is very rare to find the map and book together. The 6" X 9" book still has it's original map. It was originally tipped in the back and it accordions out to 57 1/2" X 30 1/2".
The book is in good condition. The back pages from 369 to the end are more yellow and feel almost as if they're a different quality than the first pages. The cover has staining and wear. Dark green cloth hardcover with gold lettering on binding. Published by the General Land Office. The cover is embossed " U.S. Government Bindery". While the book states 1868, I'd guess it was not actually published until the map was done which is dated November 1, 1869. (or at least this copy of the book wasn't)
421 pages

Map of the United States and Territories
In full color by state. Explanations showing Public Surveys land grants and proposed rail roads, light houses, land districts and mine and mineral resources etc. "Constructed From the Plats and official sources of the General Land Office,
Under the direction of the Hon. Jos. S. Wilson, Commissioner, by Joseph Gorlinski, Draughtsman, 1868.
Ferd. Mayer & Sons, Mammoth Print, 96 & 98 Fulton St. New York."
Department of the Interior General Land Office Nov. 1, 1869. Jos. S. Wilson, Commissioner.

The map is hand-colored, showing the states and territories. Includes, Indian lands and reservations, land grants, proposed railroads, lots of indicators of gold, silver, copper, quicksilver (mercury), iron, tin, asphaltum, coal, oil springs, light houses . . .
While the map is mostly clean, I reinforced tears and creases with Japanese repair tissue. I did not tip the map back into the book, because it may be better for the map to be framed or stored flat, as it has been stored creased for over 140 years. You should be able to judge the condition from the 43 pictures provided at this Picasaweb link.

Mary Mattoon and her hero of the Revolution by Alice Walker - $42.00

<-- Click image to left for more pics
S&H included for US sales only. All others contact us first.

Description:Mary Mattoon and her hero of the revolution [General Ebenezer Mattoon] 1902
Walker, Alice M. (Alice Morehouse)
Paperback - Press of Carpenter and Morehouse
Published by Alice M. Walker, Amherst, Massachusetts (1902)
staple-bound; beige with blue printing showing General Mattoon in a frame with the 13 star Flag. Cover art by Martha Genung
The book is about Mary Mattoon and her influence behind her husband, who was a soldier in the revolutionary war and continued to hold increasing rank in the military of subsequent year. He was also a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from 1801 to 1803

Condition: Good with the following exceptions. The front and back paper covers extend beyond the book's pages and they are creased and deteriorating at those points. There is a visible stain on the lower left of the front cover and smaller stains on the back. The book was stapled and there is rust where stapled, and some of the pages are beginning to tear through the staples
Size: 5 1/4" X 7 1/8"
83 pages

Royal Coronation Edition 1937 The Illustrated London News - $21.00

<-- Click image to left for more pics
S&H included for US sales only. All others contact us first.

Coronation Record Number
King George VI and Queen Elizabeth with 24 Coloured and other plates together with articles dealing with our Gracious King and Queen, and every aspect of their Coronation with many illustrations and portraits

Ads for Shell Oil; The Hoover Vacuum; Benger's Food for infants, invalids and the aged; Mansion Polish; Vat 69 Whisky; Schweppes Table Waters; Ford Motor Car; Austin Motor Co.
Link to fascinating account of the unpublished edition
Condition: Cover Fair. Cover have been taped inside. This tape is now weak. Spine is mostly missing. Clean and whole inside. There is minor foxing on the outer pages. The color plates are protected with their original tissues - See pictures. This is a well used copy.
Size: 10" X 14 1/2"
72 pages

Histoire De La Révolution Française - Tome Quatrième by M.A. Thiers $24.00

<-- Click image to left for more pics
S&H included for US sales only. All others contact us first.
Description: Half leather book cover with marbled paper (in reddish browns to tan colors)
Histoire de La Revolution Francaise, Par m. A. Thiers,
De l'Academie Francaise, Ex President du Conseil des Ministries, Membre De La Chambre Des Deputes
Deuxieme Edition
Tom Quatrieme
Published by Meline, Cans Et Campagnie, 1838
Condition: Much wear on covers. Clean inside (see pictures) Cover corners are dog-eared and frayed. The headband of the spine is torn. The gold lettering on the spine is present, but no longer readable. The front endpaper is split at the hinge, but the book still seems structurally solid. The back free endpaper is missing
Size: 5 3/4" X 8 394"
472 pages

Pierre Leroy-Beaulieu (1871 - 1915) La rénovation de l'Asie. Sibérie. Chine. Japon 1900 $63.00 includes S&H

Armand Colin Editeurs 1900.
482 pages.
7" x 4 5/8" x 1 3/8"
leather 1/2 binding morocco, raised band, gilt tooled
Marbled cover and end papers

Translates to mean The Awakening of the East. Siberia-Japan-China
Agriculture, Richnesses, Trade, Cities, Imigration,Transportation routes, Industry, Finances, Policy etc

Note: I'm no book specialist, but I believe the descriptive terms to be appropriate concerning the bookbinding. Let the pictures be your guide on this. Also I speak no French. The english translation was taken either from a web page that had an English reprint of this book or from a web translation.

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