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How To Play A Hohner-Accordion 1929 - $23.00

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Stapled Trade size booklet, 24 pages of songs, 8 pgs of ads for Hohner accordions
Catalog / Instruction Manual / Brochure
On the cover page is Complete View of the Main Factories of M. Hohner Germany.
Copyright 1929 by M. Hohner Germany
Fair Condition - Clean. Missing covers. Somewhat brittle especially upper right corner of front cover and tear on the bottom last 2 pages.
Size: 6" X 9"
32 pages

Vintage 3 Pure Silver wound On Gut Violin Strings New Old Stock in Original Store Tube - $32.00

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Store Display tube originally held one dozen. There are 3 strings in tube. Label says "One Dozen No. 32 1/2 Scholastic Pure Silver Violin G Strings Wound on Extra Quality Gut - C. Bruno & Son, Inc, New York"
Cardboard store display tube is 24 1/4" long with metal screw on cap.
Shipping wt. 3 lbs.

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Boosey & Hawkes The Edgeware Plastic Clarinet - As Is - $41.00 incl. S&H

Selling for parts. This clarinet has seen some hard times. The pine case has lost most of it's cloth cover and the hinges are rusted off. There's a crack on one of the pieces that had been poorly repaired at one time. There's pitting on some of the keys.
Case is approx. 24" X 5" X 4"

Organs and Organ Building 1881 by C. A. Edwards $65.00

Organs and Organ Building: A Treatise on the History and Construction of the Organ, From its Origin to the Present Day, with Important Specifications

London   "The Bazaar" Office - 1881 (presumed first edition)
248 pages followed by 11 page book catalogue & 9 pages of advertising
approx. 5 1/2" x 8"
reddish brown cloth/board book with embossed guilding. (the colors of cover and embossing did not come out right. I fussed with the pictures some to approximate it) Contains illustrations of various parts and workings
Condition - good - some fading on spine - clean copy - several instances where the binding is loosening
This book appears to be rare.  Published the same year as W.E. Dickson's "Practical Organ Building" which seems to be much more readily available. It is also similar in size and book design to Dickson's book and I can imagine that there was a race between the publisher's to reach this market.

Includes the following:
Origins and Early History   |  1250 to 1650  | 1650 to 1750  |  1750 to 1811 
Old Cases - Foreign Builders in England  | Oddities in Organ Building - Present condition of perfection

Part II. Construction
Material; Essential Parts; The Bellows; Anemometer; Wind-trunk; Wind-chest; Sound-board; Upper Boards; Sliders; Bearers; Pipe Rack; Grooves; Pipes; Stops; Various Actions; Claviers; Key movement ...; Pneumatic Action and Pallet; Electric Action; Draw-stp Action; Commutation Pedals; One-manual Solo Organ; Couplers; Sforsando Pedal ... ; Tremulant & Swell Pedal; Material & Form of Pipes; Reeds; Pitch; Scale: Nomenclature; Temperament; Blowing Engines ...

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Practical Organ Building 1881 by W. E. Dickson $50.00

Crosby Lockwood & Co. London (c1882). Hard Cover. B&w illus. Brown cloth hard covered & Gilt stamped

Presumed 1st edition, 1881. 166pages plus 2 Crosby Lockwood Book Catalogues in back for an additional 48 pages. Frontispiece & text illustrations throughout.
5 1/4" x 7 1/2"
Condition: Good ... and clean ... beginning of binding string loosening

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History of the American Pianoforte 1890 by Spillane $35.00

History of the American Pianoforte: Its Technical Development, and Its Trade.

D. Spillane, Publishers, N.Y., 1890. Cloth. First Edition (not stated).Illustrated 6" - 8  1/8" 369p., + 18 pages of piano ads.

Condition: Poor - This is a reading copy. The cover is obviously a mess, but the inside seems intact and readable. The illustration with the piano harp is torn and partly missing

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History of the Boehm Flute 1896 by Christopher Welch $85.00

History of the Boehm Flute With Dr Von Schaufhäutl's Life of Boehm, and an Examination of Mr Rockstro's Version of The Boehm-Gordon Controversy.
Third Edition
London Rudall, Carte & Co - New York G Schirmer
Dark greenish-blue cover with gilt stamp
5 3/4" x 8 1/2"

Condition: Good  - writing inscribed inside front cover ... first several pages (pretext) are loose. Book is relatively clean inside with occasional pencil markings by someone apparently taking study notes.

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1971 Purchaser's Guide to the Music Industries $35.00

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for the Music Trades
75th annual issue
listings and ads for Manufacturers of pianos, organs, harpsichord, tuner technician supplies, literature, used and rebuilt piano wholesalers, music related merchandise, sheet music publishers, guitars, drums, band instruments.
ads for specific manufacturers include: Mason & Hamlin; Chickering; Aeolian Pianola player piano; Yamaha; Gulbransen; Bruno; Electro-Harmonix (Manufacturers of the Funkiest Electronic Acessories); Pearl Drums (featuring Cozy Cole in ad); Gretsch; Fender; Harmony; Guild; hohner; Ovation(Glenn Campbell featured); D'Andrea guitar picks; Rogers Drums; Steinway; Knabe
Condition: fair to good condition - foxing or stain on fore-edge
Size: 6 3/4" X 10"
386 pages

Please note we're offering both the 1968 & 1971 Purchaser's Guide to the Music Industries for $60.00 including Shipping:

See above and below offerings
2 Purchaser's Guide to the Music Industries $60.00

1968 Purchaser's Guide to the Music Industries $35.00

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for the Music Trades
72nd annual issue
listings and ads for Manufacturers of pianos, organs, harpsichord, tuner technician supplies, literature, used and rebuilt piano wholesalers, music related merchandise, sheet music publishers, guitars, drums, band instruments, amps
ads for specific manufacturers include: Mason & Hamlin; Chickering; Seeburg (Audiomation - 50 LP player); Wurlitzer; Hammond; Pianola player piano; Leslie Sound; Artley; Ampeg; Armstrong; Bixby; D'Andrea guitar picks; Fender; Eko violin bass (shape popularized by Paul McCartney); Harmony; Gretsch; Guild; Kay; Ludwig drums; Black Diamond Strings; Rickenbacker; Remo; Vox Electronic Guitars; Standel; Zildjian cymbals; Steinway
Condition: fair to good - marked up and 1 ad cut out that I noticed (I may have missed another) . . . writing on some of the pages
Size: 6 3/4" X 10"
418 pages

American Piano Supply Co. 1973 Catalog - $39.00

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Catalog No. 74-5
Wholesale Piano & Organ supplies for piano technicians; dealers; rebuilders; and manufacturers includes 1974 pricelist
Besides the tools of the trade, there are offered accessories such as piano lamps; metronomes; busts / statuettes of famous composers; and clocks and grandfather clocks as well . . . etc.
These particular catalogs are hard to come by because they were very particular about who they'd send them out to.
Condition: Good clean condition - has crease on front cover.
Size: 8 1/2" X 11"
132 pages

Misty Roses by Tim Hardin 1968 - $15.00

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Photo of Tim Hardin with acoustic guitar
Faithful Virtue Music NY 1968
Good Condition: mild scuffing and creases on covers
Size: 9" X 12"
4 pages (counting covers)

Jimi Hendrix Lost Writings

Jimi Hendrix Cherokee Mist: The Lost Writings $16.00

Edited by Bill Nitopi
HarperCollins, New York, 1993. Hard Cover.

Book of Rock Vol II

Book of Rock Volume II $34.00

Songbook 416 pages. 9" X 12"
Warner Brothers 1976
Condition: The book is clean and tight. There is some staining on the upper corner of the back pages
91 songs from the 1960s to 1976: including songs by The Who, The Beatles, Dylan, Elton John, Clapton, Rolling Stones ...

The Rolling Stones: An Illustrated record by Roy Carr - $52.00

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1976. New York: Harmony Books NY.
"The first complete guide to every Rolling Stones recording with an uncompromising pictorial diary of the Stones' careers, riots and incredible lifestyles. Compiled and written by New Musical Express Special Projects Editor Roy Carr.with 200 illustrations, a diary of events, all possible recording details, and an interview with Mick Jagger."
Good Condition - scuffing on covers
Size:11 3/8" X 11 3/4"
120 pages

Rolling Stones 1966 - US tour souvenir 1966 - $75.00

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Fully illustrated in black and white photos of the Rolling Stones in 1966. This may have been a concert souvenir for the Rolling Stones 1966 US tour which coincided with the release of their Aftermath album and has the same cover art. There is no text inside. The back cover, bottom corner says Printed in USA and next to that in the smallest logo imaginable it says Amalgamated Lithographers of America - Yes, I used a jewelers loop to read that and then there might even be more writing even smaller, but I couldn't make anything else out.
Good Condition - 1 page has a stain and the cover shows normal wear.
Size:10 1/2" X 11 1/4"
20 pages unpaginated: this count includes front and back cover.

George Harrison 1974 Ravi Shankar - $79.00

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Artisan Press, Los Angeles, CA 1974. 1st Edition
Souvenir program: "All proceeds from the sale of this program will go to the Appalachian Regional Hospitals Inc."
George Harrison song lyrics - are printed on various pages. Ravi Shankar has an essay on Indian Music. There are 2 pages about various Indian instruments along with a glossary. Also photos and bios of the members of the tour: George Harrison (Guitar), Ravi Shankar (Sitar), Billy Preston (Keyboards), Tom Scott (Horns), Chuck Findley (Trumpet), Robben Ford (Guitar), Andy Newmark (Drums), Willie Weeks (Bass), Emil Richards (Percussion), Hariprasad Chaurasia (Flute), Rijram Desad (Percussion & Strings), T.V.Gopalkrishnam (Mridangam & Vocal), Gopal Krishn (Vichitra Veena), Sultan Khan (Sarangi), Kartick Kumar (Sitar), Kamalesh Maitra (Percussion), Satyadev Pawar (North India Violin), Alla Rakha (Tabla), Harihar Rao (Percussion), Lakshmi Shankar (Vocal). Viji Shankar (Vocal), Shivkumar Sharma (Santoor), L.Subramaniam (Violin)

Condition: Good - except that pages 13 through back cover have a crease.
Size:11 1/2" X 9"
20 numbered pages

From 1889 American War Ballads

American War Ballads And Lyrics - 2 Vols. $127.00

George Cary Eggleston (Ed.)
G.P. Putnam's Sons, The Knickerbocker Press, New York, 1889.
Hardcover - Quarter navy cloth over floral cloth boards. The navy spine has a nice gilt design on front, rear and spine. The floral cloth has tiny blue flowers with gilt leaves.
4 1/2" X 5 1/2"
Top page edges are gilt, fore edges are deckled.
Book Condition: Very Good. No Jacket. Corners and fore edges show minor wear
Presumed 1st Edition.
A Collection of the Songs and Ballads of the Colonial Wars, The Revolution, The War of 1812-1815, The War With Mexico and The Civil War, Copyright 1889. In 2 Volumes. Volume one is concerned with the songs and ballads of the Colonial Wars and wars and into the Civil War, while volume 2 has those of the Civil War.
Volume 1 has 226 pages. Volume 2 has 278 pages - Plus there are 7 pages of publishers ads in each.
Knickerbocker Nuggets series.

From Kobbe American Songs

Famous American Songs 1906 by Gustav Kobbe - Leather Bound $48.00

Thomas Y. Crowell & Co., New York, 1906.
169 pages
5 1/4" X 8"
Leather bound with gold lettering & illustration on cover and lettering on spine
deckled pages. This was originally sold both in cloth cover and leather. Includes 23 illustrations of authors, original performers and several facsimiles of the original song. Crowell discusses the history, origins and authors of famous American song including Home, Sweet Home; Old Folks at Home; Dixie; The Star-Spangled Banner; Yankee Doodle Dandy, Hail Columbia, America and famous war songs.
Very good condition. The owner's name etc. inside front cover. The original color of the cover was darker and has faded.

The Story of our National Ballads by C.A. Browne  $18.00

NY Thomas Y Crowell Co.Publishers
Copyright 1919 Stated: "Second Thousand"
5 1/4" x 8"
Ex Library Copy. Good condition, other than the Library markings
The book details the stories behind America's social-political & historical songs with photographs and illustrations:

Chapters: Yankee Doodle; Hail Columbia. The Star Spangled Banner (see photo of the original flag); America; Columbia, The Gem of the Ocean; Dixie; maryland, My Maryland; The Battle Cry of Freedom; John Brown's Body; Battle Hymn of the Republic; We are Coming; marching Through Georgia; Occasional Songs; Spanish War Songs; Songs of the Great War - British; Songs of the Great War - American

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From Service Songbook1918

The Service Song Book (Abridged) $26.00

Prepared by the International Commitee of Young Men's Christian Association
Association Press, New York, 1917
Condition: Good. - pages uniformly darkened
Small, pocket sized, brown canvas covered book that states on the title page that it was prepared by the International Commitee of Young Men's Christian Associations for the Men of the Army and Navy.
91 pages
3 3/4" X 5"

From Army Song Book 1918

1918 Army Song Book U.S. - $36.00

For free distribution to all Officers and Men in the Army
Issued by the War Department Commission on Training Camp Activities and compiled with the assistance of the National Committee on Army and Navy Camp Music.
98 pages with illustrations. The illustrations, which are often humorous look like they could have been drawn by the same person who drew the illustrations for Monopoly. The illustration for Carry Me Back To Old Virginny is of a black regiment.
5 1/8" X 3 3/4"
Original owner's name on front cover. Clean copy therea few slight tears on the front cover and the last few pages and back cover. (see pictures to view condition)

From Lomax Cowboy Songs

Cowboy Songs and Other Frontier Ballad by John A. Lomax - $34.00

Macmillan, NY, 1934. Hardcover
Orange cloth cover
414 pages
5 1/4" X 7 1/2"
Condition is fair to good. Foxing, especially hard on inside front and back covers. Clean copy. Pages are tight, but binding pivots.

From Sailor Chanties Little Blue Book

Little Blue Book No. 301 - Sailor Chanties And Cowboy Songs 1923 - $25.00

Edited By E. Haldeman-Julius, Compiled By Charles J. Finger
64 pages. A collection of old sailor and cowboy songs.
appeared earlier in their 10 cents series
3 5/8" X 5"
Haldeman-Julius Publications, Girard, Kansas 1923
Typical age-toning of pages, pages are uniformly browned though it's not clear from the pics. some gunk near 301 on cover. Back cover upper corner torn off.

From Negro Songs Little Blue Book 626

1924 Little Blue Book No. 626 - Negro Songs: An Anthology Edited by Clement Wood $13.00

Haldeman-Julius Publications Girard, Kansas 1924
3 3/8" x 5"
Poor to Fair Condition - mouse chewed on lower corner: Typical age-toning of pages.
64 pages.
A collection of lyrics from African American music.

Little Leather Breeches and Other Southern Rhymes - Collected in the South by Francis P. Wightman - $85.00

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Little Leather Breeches and Other Southern Rhymes. Being a Number of Folk-Lore Songs, Negro Rhymes, Street-Venders' Cries, Etc., Gathered from Various Parts of the South Collected and Arranged by Francis P. Wightman. Illustrations by the Author
Thin cardstock covers.
Published by J.F. Taylor and Company, New York (1899)
Clean other than inscription across top of title page when gifted for Christmas 1903
Hand lettered font - great resource for font collectors / creators.
Nice illustrations mingled with unfortunate racist stereotyping, which was considered acceptable for its time.

Condition: Front cover is separated with lower corner missing and tear along bottom and mild staining. Back cover is half missing. There are a few pages partly torn on bottom. See pictures.
Size: 9 1/8" X 11 3/4"
24 pages

From American Negro Folk Songs 1907

Folk Songs of the American Negro. Number One Revised edited by Frederick J. Work - $119.00

Introduction by John W. Work, Jr.
Published by Work Bros. & Hart Co., Nashville, Tenn., 1907.
Softcover. First revised edition. Introduction by John W. Work. Stapled printed wrappers.
John W. Work, a member of the Fisk University faculty, and his brother Frederick collected spirituals in rural communities, which they published in several volumes
Good condition for it's type and age. It has a few pencil markings, creases on covers, including a small tear on back & small upper corner of title page torn off.
5 7/8" X 8 3/4"

White And Negro Spirituals 1943 by George Pullen Jackson $20.00

White And Negro Spirituals : Their Life Span And Kinship
Tracing 200 Years Of Untrammeled Song Making And Singing Amoung Our Country Folk
With 116 Songs as Sung by Both Races

J Augustin Publisher
1943 Presumed First Edition 351 pages
6 1/8" x 9 1/4"

This book was at one time at the center of controversy over the origins of American Spiritual music. See Understanding Spirituals

Stated "Printed in Germany" - which I find extremely curious because the US was at war with Germany in 1943. Which leads me to wonder if the publisher, which had originated in Germany, continued to use a German printer until the war and overlooked the typeset for Germany on the designated page.

Condition: Good - very clean with penciled price inside front cover - slightly cocked spine

S&H included in price for all US sales

Working Women's Music by Evelyn Alloy $13.00

Working Women's Music: The Songs and Struggles of Women in the Cotton Milla. Textile Plants and Needle Trades by Evelyn Alloy
Complet with Music for Singing and Playing

The New England Free Press, Somerville MA 1976
44 pages
11" x 8 1/4"
Good Condition - clean inside - the cover is half split on the seam.

S&H included in price for all US sales

From Bates Ballads

A Ballad Book edited by Katharine Lee Bates - $23.00

the Student's Series of English Classics
Sibley & Co., Boston & Chicago, 1890 - Preface Dated 1904
Hard Cover. brown textured cloth with gilt lettering to front and spine
Good Condition
230 pages +2 pages of publisher listings
4 7/8" X 7"

Fifty ballads Divided into 3 categories:
Ballads of Superstition: The Wee Wee Man; Tamlane; True Thomas; The Elfin Knight; Lady Isobel and The Elf-Knight; Tom Thumbe; Kempion; Alison Gross; The Wife of Usher's Well; A Lyke-Wake Dirge; Proud Lady Margaret; The Twa Sisters O' Binnorie; The Demon Lover; Riddles Wisely Expounded

Ballads of Tradition: Sir Patrick Spens; The Battle of Otterburne; The Hunting of the Cheviot; Edom o' Gordon; Kinmont Willie; King John and the Abbot of Canterbury; Robin Hood Rescuing the Widow's Three Sons; Robin Hood and Allin A Dale; Robin Hood's Death and Burial

Romantic and Domestic Ballads: Annie of Lochroyan; Lord Thomas and Fair Annet; The Banks O' Yarrow; The Douglas Tragedy; Fine Flowers i' the Valley; The Gay Goss-hawk; Young Redin; Willie and May Margaret; Young Beichan; Gilderoy; Bonny Barbara Allan; The Gardener; Etin the Forester; Lamkin; Hugh of Lincoln; Fair Annie; The Laird o' Drum; Lizie Lindsay; Katharine Janfarie; Glenlogie; Get Up and Bar the Door; The Lawlands o' Holland; The Twa Corbies; Helen of Kirconnell; Waly Waly; Lord Ronald; Edward, Edward

From Kinard Old English Ballads

1902 - Old English Ballads edited by James Kinard $13.00

Silver Burdett & Company 1902 NY, Boston & Chicago
The Silver Series of Classics
126 pages
4 7/8" X 7 1/4"
Condition is fair to good. Binding is weak. pages are clean there is an old yellowed newspaper clipping of Barbara Allen's Cruelty pasted to back inside cover.

Part-Song And Chorus Book

1887 A New Part-Song And Chorus Book by Charles E. Whiting $22.50

A New Part-Song And Chorus Book : For High Schools, Academies, Choral Societies, and Families
Anthology of 76 part-songs of the period ("If I had but Two Little Wings," "Picnic Glee," "Zephyrs Soft their Fragrance"), and 56 hymns and anthems ("Evening Hymn," "I will Lift up Mine Eyes," and "Walk in the Light"). Also included are some elementary vocal instructions, with emphasis on solfeggios, and simple piano accompaniments.
256 pages
7 1/2" X 10"
D. C. Heath, Boston, 1887. Hard Cover
Condition: Good clean condition. Cover has dented corners. The pages have an even slightly darkening from age. Original owner's name and address is inked on the preface page. small tear on the bottom of copyright page

Book of Rhymes & Tunes 1880 $33.00

Oliver Ditson Co. Boston, MA
a compilation of songs, many originally from Germany. "In order to aid mothers, I have written new and simple accompaniments to one-third of these songs, simplified most of the remainder ... and have chosen old melodies and given them a new setting of appropriate words. ... Many of the songs will be found suitable for Kindergarten & the Schoolroom. There are also charming German, French and English lullabies and a number of old English Christmas Carols."
108 songs   128 pages
10 1/2" x 13"

Condition: outer spine is shot, but internally is still decent. No writing other than original owner's name & info. Several pages are dog-eared.

S&H included in price for all US sales


From 140 Folk Songs

140 Folk Songs , No. 3, Rote Songs, Grades I, II and III for School and Home $14.00

Words and Melodies only
Compiled and Edited by Archibald T. Davison and Thomas Whitney Surette
E. C. Schirmer Music Co., Boston, 1922.
99 pages with 140 songs. Gray/tan boards with black lettering and design on cover. Concord Series No. 3
6 1/4" X 8 1/2"
Condition is fair - inside is clean. cover is loose. A few pages have tears. One has old yellowed tape repair.

English words with music for 1 voice. Some of the songs have French words also Contents: Adeste, fideles -- Ah, vous dirai je, Maman -- All through the night -- The alphabet -- America -- The apple-tree house -- April vacation -- Au clair de la lune -- Auld lang syne -- Autumn song -- The bells -- La bergère -- Bobbie Shaftoe -- La bonne aventure -- Bring a torch, Jeannette, Isabella -- Butterflies -- Caterpillar! Caterpillar -- The chickadee -- Christmas day -- Christmas eve -- Cock-a-doodle-doo -- Columbus day -- Come, Thou almighty King -- The country farmer's son -- Cradle song -- The cuckoo -- Dame Tartine -- Dancing in the orchard -- Early one morning -- Echo song -- The elves' dance -- En passant par la Lorraine -- Evacuation day -- Evening on the river -- An evening song -- The farmer -- The first Noel -- The flag going by -- The fourth of July -- A frog he would a-wooing go -- Le furet du bois joli -- Giroflé, girofla -- God, our loving Father -- The golden boat -- Good King Wenceslas -- Good Pierrot -- Happy new year -- Hark! the summons -- The harp that once thro' Tara's halls -- The holiday -- Home, sweet home -- How should I your true love know -- How wondrous and great -- If I were a bird -- If I were an elfin -- I had a little sail-boat -- In heavenly love abiding -- In May -- In memoriam -- In the firelight -- I saw three ships -- It snows in the night -- Jack-in-the-pulpit -- The journey of the leaves -- Ladybird -- The lamps of night -- The light-house -- Lincoln's birthday -- The little boy and the sheep -- The little sandman -- The little ship -- Loch Lomond -- Lords and ladies -- The lorelei -- Lullaby -- The mail-box -- The meeting of the waters -- Memorial Day -- The merry-go-round -- The merry sportsman -- Moon song -- Morning -- Morning song -- My garden of flowers -- My old Kentucky home -- My playmate -- My pony -- My shadow -- New year's day -- The nightingale -- A night in the woods -- November -- The nut-tree -- Oh, come, all ye faithful -- The old folks at home -- Old King Cole -- The old man -- The old woman and the peddler -- On a frosty morning -- On a summer day -- Once long ago -- On Easter day -- Our country -- For patriots' day -- Le petit chasseur -- A picnic on the grass -- The pine tree -- The pine tree swing -- Planting a garden -- Playing ball on the stairs -- Le pont d'Avignon -- The pony ride -- Ramène tes moutons -- Reveille -- Riding on the elevated -- The robin -- Robin-a-thrush -- Le roi d'Yvetot -- A sailing song -- Semons la salade -- St. Valentine's day -- Santa Claus -- The shepherdess -- Shining wires -- The shower -- Silent night -- Sleep, baby, sleep -- The sleigh-ride -- Slumber song -- A song for sailors and soldiers -- A song of bread -- Song of praise -- A song of ships -- Song of the sea-gull -- The sparrow's nest -- The strawberry girl -- Sunset in the city -- The swallows -- Swing song -- The tall clock -- Thanksgiving day -- Tirra-lirra-lirra -- Tremp' ton pain, Marie -- The trolley ride -- Valentines -- Washington's birthday -- What Child is this -- When fields are white -- Where are you going to -- Who are you -- The wild rose -- The wind -- The wind and the shadows -- Winter -- Winter, goodbye -- Winter's past

The Bard of the DimboVitza - Roumanian Folk Songs 1911  $38.00

The full title is "The Bard of Dimbovitza - Roumanian Folk-Songs Collected From The Peasants"
by Helene Vacaresco Translated by Carmen Sylva and Alma Strettell
Harper & Brothers London & New York 45 Albemarle St. W
274 pages - deckle edges - 5 3/8" x 7 5/8"
Some staining and a crease across front cover.
The following review from the Fortnightly Review printed opposite the Title page states:
"The poems have the wild melancholy and the fierce simplicity of all true popular ballads, with an undertone of ghastly mystery that reminds one of the Highland second sight and irish fairy tales .... They are directly, passionately, fiercely human; ...but there is a also a fierce love of battle and of blood, such as rings through the Nibelungen epic"

S&H included for US sales (all others contact us first)

From Mendelssohn Glee Club

Mendelssohn Glee Club Favorites - A Collection of Thirty-Six Part-Songs for Men's Voices $15.00

by Special Committee (Editor)
Paper bound
1918. The 36 part songs include words and music.
119 pages
5" X 7 1/2"
Clean copy inside - cover is stained - there is a split in the binding

From CollinsPoems

The Ballads, Songs and Poems of William Collins $25.00

359 pages
4 3/4" X 7"
P.J. Kennedy, New York
Green cloth covers with gold and black stamped illustrations and title;
poor condition in that it is missing the following pages 3-4 (title /credit page) & pages 9-12. These are the only pages that I noticed missing. Owner's name written inside front cover. mostly clean - binding is split in several places. some foxing.

The Renaissance of the Vocal Art: Edmund J. Myer $29.00

"A practical study of vitality, vitalized energy, of the physical, mental and emotional powers of the singer, through flexible, elastic bodily movements"
Edmund J. Myer
publ. The Boston Music Company, G. Schirmer, Jr., 1902. Hardcover  136 pages

CONDITION: Good clean tight condition - a little of the color on the red cloth lost as seen in the photo

S&H included for US sales (all others contact us first)

The Science of Music by Sedley Taylor 1873 SOLD

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Description: Popular Science Library
The Science of Music; or, The Physical basis of musical harmony. By Sedley Taylor.
D. Appleton & Co. Publisher 1875 Hardcover
with illustrations

Sedley Taylor was an early proponent and scientist involved in the study of physics in its relationship to music and sound. His first book "Sound and Music" is still considered a classic. His contribution to the study was his invention of the phoneidoscope, an apparatus which made sound properties visible through soap suds moving across a membrane.
Condition: Good condition - some fraying on binding - foxing on endpapers - pencil marks on back endpapers. Clean inside - see pictures.
Size: 5 1/4" X 7 1/2"
169 pages + 10 pages ads

Sound And Silence by Paynter & Aston $13.00

Sound And Silence: Classroom Projects in Creative Music by John Paynter & Peter Aston

Cambridge University Press. 1970; Paperback 365 pages
6" x 9"
Book Condition: good. some creasing on cover and dog eared, but otherwise clean and tight

S&H included in price for all US sales

Double Counterpoint and Canon by Ebenezer Prout $18.00

There is no copyright on the title page, but the intro is dated 1891. This is a third edition..
Original owner's name on front endpaper
283 pages
binding is okay but pivots a bit. There is some foxing, but otherwise it is clean.
6" x 8 1/2"

S&H included for US sales (all others contact us first)

Letters on Music by Louis Ehlert 1870 - $25.00

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S&H included for US sales only. All others contact us first.

Description: Letters on Music, To A Lady by Louis Ehlert
Translated from the German by Fanny Ritter
Oliver Ditson Publisher Boston 1870
Dark Brown hardcover
The chapters are divided in the form of letters, which includes: "Beethoven and the Ninth Symphony"; discussions on composition; "The Midsummer Night's Dream"; Mendelssohn; Schumann's Manfred; Robert Schumann; The Opera - "Lohengrin and Tannhauser"; Hayden, Beethoven, Mozart &c. as Contrapuntists; Franz Schubert; The German Lied - Schubert, Mendelssohn, Schumann, Franz and Others as Lied Composers; The Relations of Artists to the Public; Chopin's Mazourkas; Berlioz and Wagner; The Music of The Future; Rossini and Meyerbeer; Spring - The Mission of the Artists Today
Condition: Fair Condition - Binding is deteriorating - endpapers cracking - inside clean and tight - see pictures
Size: 4 1/2" X 6 3/4"
216 pages

From Yale Songbook

Yale Alumni Songbook - $32.00

128 pages
4 1/2" X 6" Green/blue stapled printed wrappers.
Undated booklet. The notice on page 128 refers to the Copyright Act of 1909. Several of the individual songs have copyright dates. The most recent that I found was for 1921.
Condition: Clean unmarked with slight page crease on outer edge of 1st 50 pages.

4 Audition Vinyl LPs 1966 to 1968 The Quarterly Sound Magazine of Columbia Masterworks - $16 w/ s&h

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This subscription service offered excerpts from Columbia's Classical releases. Performances of works by Bach to PDQ Bach and everything in between. I do not have a record player, but the vinyl records look to be in good clean condition. The original owner placed checkmarks on the covers next to various cuts and they have slight discoloring and wear.
  1. Autumn 1966 - 21 tracks
  2. Summer 1967 -22 tracks
  3. Autumn 1967 - 21 tracks
  4. Winter 1967 /1968 - 19 tracks

Rigoletto by Verdi on 2 10" discs performed by the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra - $12 w/ s&h

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The discs do have scratches. I do not have a record player so I cannot say how they might effect the playability. The cover has normal wear and is slightly musty.

The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II on vinyl - $12 w/ s&h

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Released by Triumph Record Co. #12001 Cover art by Rudolf de Harak

Elizabeth has been the reigning monarch of Great Britain for 60 years now since 1953 when this vinyl lp record was released. Her reign has seen much good as well as bad, but alas, this poor record from her coronation has not faired so well. It's still a keepsake from her coronation. The cover is musty, the edges tearing, and the back page is water stained. I do not have a record player. The record itself has scratches, though I'd guess it's still playable.

Szostakowicz Symphony No. 5 Opus 47 $22.00

Leopold Stokowski and The Philadelphia Orchestra
RCA "A Victor Musical Masterpiece"
6 discs. I do not have a record player, but as near as I can tell these discs are very clean looking and seem to be in very good condition.
In the attached pamphlet are biographical notes on Dmitri Szostakowicz and states that "The Fifth Symphony recorded here was (first?) performed in celebration of the 20th Anniversary (1937) of the October Revolution" (of the Soviet Union)
There's a half round sticker just below the pamphlet that must be the music store it was bought "Loomis Temple of Music"

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TagYerit's music on CD
Shimmer CD Cover Gazing Globe Cover Tubeman floating under a TagYerit sky! An ancient Heavy Construction site!
Shimmer CD $11.50
Gazing Globe CD $11.50
Tubeman CD $13.00
Heavy Construction CD
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Pewter Rabbit Guitar Pin - TagYerit - $18.00

New Pewter. Made by Spoontiques. Not an antique, but certainly destined to become a collectible. These were commissioned by the band TagYerit from Spoontiques of Canton MA - a limited run of 200 in 1998. There are a small number left. TagYerit has a signature rabbit shaped guitar, which you can see on the band's website and this casting was made for other rabbit lovers who also love guitar.

3 1/8" long

Shipping and handling for the Rabbit Guitar pin is included in the price for all sales in the US.
We will ship the pin worldwide for an additional $8.00 - payment by Paypal or US cash.

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By the way, the sellers have been on the web since 1996 sharing their music as the band TagYerit (tag you're it).

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Thunderclap,the Rabbit Guitar