Paper Mask Downloads




Each of these pics is a free downloadable pdf file

  1. Click the pic you want to download (you'll need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader)
  2. Save to your computer (make a note of the folder your computer saves it in)
  3. Open the file and Print
  4. Cut out your mask cut out eyes, starting small until your visibility is sufficient.
  5. For extra strength, paste onto cardstock (cereal box?)
  6. Attaching
    - to tie around your face using string, shoelace or something elastic. We've found the wasteband from an old pair of BVDs works great. If you tie it, you'll need to cut for the nose by  cutting around the bottom of the nose and partially up the sides
    - or you can staple the mask onto a stick to hold up front like you see in those movie scenes of a masquerade ball. Depending on your preference, the mask may be stapled to the stick midpoint at the chin or  up the side.
  7. Take a picture and send us feedback . We love posting your pics and comments. And hey if you make your own design, we'd love to show that too.
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