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Picturing Pumpkins Page plus Pumpkin Links

Let the candle be your guide.

The pumpkins you find on these pages were either done by Rich & Flo Newman (aka TagYerit) or sent in by friends & contributors. There could easily be 20 pages by now, so give yourself plenty of time to explore the vast range of wonderful creations assembled here! (Sorry - these photos from 1997, but the principle is the same.)
Flo's design. Flash went offDo you want your photo to look like this?
Flo's design. Flash blocked OR THIS!
This is actually a simple trick that a professional photographer, would already understand. But for the rest of us, the concept is to think about your light source. What makes a jack-o-lantern glow so wonderfully is the candle inside the pumpkin. So turn OFF your flash. If you have an automatic camera, then you need to cover the flash when you snap. I just put my hand over it and as you can see, it's very effective.

This update from Oct. 2002. Now that I have a digital camera, I've been playing around with a slightly different approach. The pumpkins that I photographed this year, were lit with an extension light inside the pumpkin. A 23 watt compact fluorescent puts out the equivalent of a 90 watt incandescent, but without the heat. This allows me to take a picture without flash in a regularly lit room. the pumpkin's glow photographs just fine, but you can see the details of the outside of the pumpkin including the stem. And it doesn't cook the pumpkin.

Now, while on the subject of lighting. The cooler the temperature of the lighting source is, the longer the pumpkin will last. That means keep the wattage to the bare minimum. LED lights are the best, though most expensive. Compact fluorescent lights are common now. Either of these options will make your pumpkins easier to see and create a great display whether you place them on your front porch, near your garden shed or on a stone wall.

Rich carvednephew's drawing Tom Ryan's 'Conceptual'   Tom Ryan's 'Conceptual rotting'
artist unknown artist unknown Rich's feathered friend

Three views of the moon

An occasional series: by Flo

And speaking of moons, here's a few pictures that've been going around via emails. Sorry to say, I don't know who the original artists are.

Halloween Flashers  

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Other carving ideas? Hire a bunny. Here Mara, a 9 year old New Zealand shows off her talents. Mara loves pumpkins. As her human translator Laura says, " She takes pride in her craft. It is a labor of love for her and fine dining too. There is never a mess, Mara happily eats all her shavings, pieces and the juicy, stringy insides as she goes about her carving. Believe it or not, though she carries the scent of fresh pumpkin about her, never is she messy with pumpkin. Her face and paws remain clean and bright white."

Don't stop now ... visit the following pages for more great pumpkins!

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