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Moving backwards in time - it seems we're not so much deconstructing a christmas tree tradition as discovering parallel paths. Some accounts attribute lighting a tree for Christmas to protestant reformer Martin Luther in Germany in the 16th century, after he noticed how the stars illuminated the fir trees at night. Concurrent with that legend, it had also been a custom of the period to decorate a "paradise tree" with various fruit and possibly even "Adam & Eve" on it - while sitting next to the Paradise Tree might have been a Christmas pyramid. As you might imagine, bringing trees or other plants indoors to celebrate various events have occurred in different cultures throughout history. It is up to each of us to find our own meanings and rejuvenate the look and feel of our traditions ...

Meanwhile ... in the year 2000 an estimated 36 million trees were sold in the US. A record amount of 37.2 were sold in 1995. We'd love to see you create an art tree and save the forest. If you're wondering which states supply the most trees, they are Oregon, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Interesting side notes:
In researching the use of the name Gadgetree, I discovered that a band named Gadgets released an LP title Gadgetree in 1980 ... apparently they released records through 1989. I didn't found out much else about them. They seem to be listed as a UK techno new-wave band...

About recording wire, which sits atop the "Record Tree":
Prior to finding this spool, I had never heard of wire recorders. Apparently they were developing at the same time as tape recorders. Danish Inventor Valdemar Poulsen at the start of the 20th century patented the "Telegraphone," a steel wire recorder for use as probably the first telephone recording machine. Until the early 1950s, its future seemed promising, but in 1954, tape recorders sales jumped, and the wire recorders soon became obsolete.

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Richard Lang & Judith Selby Lang collect trashed & washed-up beach plastic. AND THEN they create art. This wreath was made from "disposable lighters" that is good for any season but especially fine for the "season of light." All of these lighters washed up onto Kehoe Beach in the Point Reyes National Seashore where they have been collecting plastic since 1999.

You can see this and many other of their creations at their website (many are available as limited edition Cavallo Point Prints). Here's 2 videos of the Langs and their projects: One Plastic Beach and Deep Dive: The Langs

Our friend, Peter, was inspired to create this string tree when their real tree dried out before their tree viewing party. Out of necessity, a new tradition is born. (2015 - 2016)

An oldie:
From an old french dictionary: "Yew (If) Kind of evergreen trees, with long, narrow leaves, which bear a bright red fruit: triangular piece of framework, on which are placed lanterns in the days of illuminations"


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Vintage XMas Items for Sale

The London Graphic 1911 Fabulous Color Illustrations Christmas Number Many Beautiful Plates - $49.00

<-- Click image to left for more pics
S&H included for US sales only. All others contact us first.

Rich in color - wonderful graphic art. - Winter & Christmas Themes
November 27, 1911

Good condition with normal wear and tear

Cover art by G. Jennis
The Buccaneers Return for Christmas by J.K. Skelton (reminiscent of Howard Pyle)
Cartoon - East Vs. West by Reginald Cleaver
The Christmas Waits by P. Tarrant
The Exiles Christmas by Georges Scott
Waiting for the Tip by Lawson Wood
A Bit of a Surprise by John Hassall
The Crystal Gazers by J. R. Skelton
Touch and Go by W. Ralston
The Signal by Harry Rountree
Circumstantial Evidence by HM Brock
illuminated double page, illustrative of the lines "Mathew, Mark, Luke and John, Bless the Bed that I Lay On" Painted by Miss I.L. Gloag Decorated by C.A. Pasquier

Size: 12" X 16 1/4"
44 pages

Country Life 1937 Christmas Number - $19.00

<-- Click image to left for more pics
S&H included for US sales only. All others contact us first.

Country Life Nov. 27th . 1937 Christmas Number (issue) Vol LXXXII No. 2132
Typical issue with ads for sumptuous real estate; descriptions of country estates, paintings, antiques, costumes; car ads for luxury cars (Rolls Royce, MG, Armstrong Siddeley, Humber, Austin, Bentley, Jauar) ads for garden tractors (check out the Ransomes Cultivator); Hammond organ;

If you're a fan of the period used for the Poirot TV series (David Suchet) - this shows the estates; the cars; the arts.
Condition: Fair condition (well used copy) - fairly clean inside. The edges of several pages are frayed.
Size: 9 3/4" X 14 1/2"
Regularly numbered pages 531 to 566 + 179 roman-numeraled pages.

The Sketch 1937 Christmas Number - $19.00

<-- Click image to left for more pics
S&H included for US sales only. All others contact us first.

The Sketch 1937 Christmas Number November 19, 1937
Filled with colorful artwork & full page cartoons, much suitable for framing. See photos.
Highlights include: The Staid 'Nineties by J. Goodall (humorous); Off For The Christmas Holidays a Hundred Years Ago - 2 page spread from picture by Lionel Edwards; A Fruity Fable No. 1 - Aunt Gooseberry Runs True to Type by GE Studdy (love this one); Dad - We're Engaged by Fouet; 5 Thomas Rowlandson sketches; 4 portraits pseudo-matted including Greta Garbo by Robert Greenhom; Jenny Wren by Lawson Wood; 3 page comic on a badly played golf ball (from a golf set XMAS gift); cartoon of levitating magician; Archie in Hades by Dennis Mallet Also: Dewar's Santa Claus White Label ad; Brylcreem Ad (what they used before Axe)
Condition: Fair - cover is beat up, has some tears etc. Issue is clean inside. a few pages are dog-eared. See Pictures.
Size: 9 1/4" X 12 3/8"
62 pages + xxiv

Holly Leaves - The Christmas Number 1936 - $19.00

<-- Click image to left for more pics
S&H included for US sales only. All others contact us first.

"Holly Leaves" Christmas Number of The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News, Magazine 1936
Many colorful suitable for framing images. Subjects include: nudes, hunting scenes, Canterbury Tales, pirates, swash-bucklers, conquistadors, 16th century peasants

Inside cover - full page color ad for Players Cigarettes by Archie White
B&W drawing The Land Pirates by Scott Orr (who doesn't love a pirate?)
Full page ad - Colour Photograph by Walter Bird of Marie Princess Paul Troubetskoy ad for De Reszke Cigarettes
Full color print "Outside A Country Alehouse" pictured a beefeater drinking to the King painted by A. L. Grace

Artists & cartoonists include: Scott Orr, Archie White, Lionel Edwards, Frank Grey, H.M. Brock, Gilbey, Tony Weare, A.L. Grace, Norman Wilkinson (2 page sea scene of the Girl Pat trawler), Jean Carolus (The Music Lesson), Mervin Suart, Charles Robinson, W.R.S. Scott, Dudley Tenant, Tuckey, Will Owen, H.M. Bateman
Ad for cigarettes, Ford auto (British), Gilbey's liquor, Ovaltine, Black & White Scotch
Fair Condition.Complete, but cover is separated and has edge tears etc. This magazine has seen much use, but it still is clean and readable and most pages inside are still suitable for framing. See pictures.
Size: 10 1/4" X 14 1/2"
56 pages + 12 ad pages

The Illustrated London News Christmas 1937 - $19.00

<-- Click image to left for more pics
S&H included for US sales only. All others contact us first.

Description: Many colorful suitable for framing images. Subjects include: Stag hunt (wallpaper on 2 page spread); nuns and a miracle of the Virgin; Madonna, Christmas Eve; A stage-coach stuck in the snow; Playing Cards . . .

Centerfold features 2 page illustration by A.D. McCormick of Sir Francis Drake and Martin Frobisher deep in discussion.
Artists include: George Cruikshank (a picture originally used in this magazine in an 1855 issue), Stephen Spurrier, William Mulready, George Smith, Edmund Blampied, Van Orley, A.L. Richter, Henry Alken, Daphne Allen (Land of Faery), Cranach The Younger, Holbein The Younger, W.R.S. Stott, Everett
Ads include: Dewar's White Label (with Santa); De Reszke cigarettes; Grace Line Cruises; Mackintosh's candy; Brylcreem; Martini & Rossi Vermouth; Alvis & Morris Motors; Shell Oil; Black & White Scotch Whisky
Fair Condition. Missing the presentation plate The Apple of His Majesty's Eye. The cover is separated and has edge tears etc. This magazine has seen much use, but it still is clean and readable and most pages inside are still suitable for framing. See pictures.
Size: 10 1/4" X 14 1/4"
64 pages + 12 ad pre-pages

The Sphere Christmas 1937 - $19.00

<-- Click image to left for more pics
S&H included for US sales only. All others contact us first.

Subjects: Snow covered country village; Letters of Long Ago; Shipwrecks; Flowers; Pirates (of course); Dickens' Great Expectations ( a topographical examination); Dutch Childhood; Canine Camera Studies (i.e. cute dogs); cats too . . .
Centerfold - 2 page illustrated scene from Great Expectations illustration by C.E. Brock
Artists: Rowland Hilder; Nell Tenison Cuneo (Lady in Lilac); Millar Watt; Hookway Cowles; Alan Beeton (The Kiss); Montague Dawson; Wyndham Payne; C.E. Brock; W>W> Van der Vliet; C.A. Mellon; Evelyn Watherston
Ads: Dewar's White Label (in a Christmas Cracker), Ovaltine; Player's Cigarettes; The Greys Cigarettes; De Reszke Cigarettes; Brylcreem; The Humber auto
Fair Condition.Complete. Cover is in poor condition is separated and has edge tears etc. This magazine has seen much use, but it still is clean and readable and most pages inside are still suitable for framing. See pictures.
Size: 10" X 14 1/4"
60 pages (+10)

Sphere Christmas 1938 SOLD

<-- Click image to left for more pics

Subjects: The Frozen Thames 1683; The Story of Tobias; Wandering Willie's Tale (from Sir Walter Scott's Red Gauntlet) The Dollhouse from collection on exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum; The British Navy (late 18th to 19th century); fashion; Shakespeare's Winter and the Fairies; cute dog photos
Centerfold - 2 page color illustration: Fishing Smacks Making for Harbour from watercolor painting by William Roxby Beverly

Artists: Kenneth Forbes (June, My Daughter); George Morrow; Hookway Cowles (Snowflakes in Piccadilly); H.M. Brock; Morgan Rendle (The Squirrel); de Loutherbourg; Iris Brooke; Alexander Roslin (Mademoiselle Engelhart); Robert Herdman; Georgina Dawson; Dorothy Wheeler; S.J. Cash (The Wily Fox -wonderful 3/4 page illustration); Grey's Cigarettes ( I swear that's a young Stephen Colbert with an aeroplane in front)
Ads: Dewar's White Label; Ovaltine; Humber automobile; De Reszke Cigarettes; Player's Cigarettes; Santa and his Martini Vermouth; Brylcreem; Santa with Mackintosh's Toffee Chocolate Assortments
Fair Condition.Complete. Cover is in poor condition is separated and has edge tears etc. This magazine has seen much use, but it still is clean and readable and most pages inside are still suitable for framing. See pictures.
Size: 9 3/4" X 14 1/4"
64 pages + 16

Elf chocolate box SOLD

Cardboard Candy Box
A delightful illustration of an elf perched on a Christmas Tree branch with his feet wrapped around a candle and admiring himself in the reflection of a tree ornament. The box is marked "Season's Greetings Assorted Chocolates Net Weight 5 pounds (and then the candy ingredients)". One long side of the box lists the various candies you would have found inside and on either end of the box it says "Miller and Hollis Boston". I couldn't find too much on the M&H company, but they were definitely active in the 30s and 40s until Deran Confectionery bought them for their Haviland Chocolate in 1961. Necco is the current owner. Penciled on one end of the top of the box it says, "Mothers Bills Car Keys". This secondary use is the reason this box survived after the chocolate was gone. There is old scotch tape on the edges in several places.
11 1/2" X 7 1/4" X 2 7/8"

Vintage Iconic Santa Face cutout - Wall decoration $33.00 with S&H

Printed on paper and mounted on board. - Fair to good condition. There are 3 pin holes where someone mounted it through his eyes and mouth and various splatter marks and yet he still looks warm, cheerful and festive.
9" x 13 1/2"

Two Coke Santa Ads on Back Cover 1957 & 1960 National Geographic $16.00 w/ S&H

Santa Coca Cola ads … National Geographic Magazine is ALWAYS interesting and relevant. These magazines show normal wear and tear. Also posting several other XMas gift suggestions from their ads
7" X 10 "

December 1957 - Articles include "I found the Bones of the Bounty"; Satellites; Bright Dyes Reveal Secrets of Canada Geese; Bringing Old Testament Times to Life; President Eisenhower Presents to Prince Philip the National Geographic Society's Medal (no supplements)

December 1960 - Articles on Japan, Central Park; The Long Lonely Leap (World's highest jump) - (no supplements)

Rosbro Plastics Candy Container Santa Boot $15.00 incl. S&H

Red plastic boot with part of the original green label that says "Merry Christmas Net Wt. 1 1/4 oz."
Marked on the plastic it says "Rosbro Plastics Prov. R.I."
Providence, Rhode Island
2 5/8" tall

Vintage Pharmacy / Store Paper Christmas Display - Carolers Street Scene SOLD

This was a store display used in a drugstore in Haverhill, Massachusetts, ca.1940s or 1950s. It is corrugated paper labeled on the back "A Sherman Sales - Winning Display Material".. It is 40 1/4" high and 9' 10" wide. The pattern repeats twice.

A cozy winter scene: X-mas carolers in the snow, under the street lamp in front of an iron fence. Smoke rises from the chimneys as fresh snow flutters to the ground.. Listening from their houses are men with pipes and women waving ... wreaths in the windows .... The tree behind the street lamp creates a halo of light. The colors used are 2 shades of blue, green, yellow and white. (It's the rare christmas scene that has no red).
I think it would be rare to find many like this particular piece that had been saved. I'd consider this to be in good condition for an ephemeral item of that was used yearly. There is some compression on the edges where it rested on the ground.

Includes S&H (9 lbs shipping weight)

1955 Cardboard Christmas Shipping Box for Cards - $25.95 incl. S&H

It's a pretty safe assumption that this is a rare item of ephemera. How many people would save a cardboard box from 1955? It has a few dings and dents, faded shipping label . . . but in otherwise the same condition as when it was unpacked over 50 years ago. A great place to store your some of your vintage christmas items off-season as well as a conversation piece for your holiday display.

"Presenting 1955 National Personal Christmas Card Albums"
"Attention Buyer Stationery Dep't."
"National - Detroit Publishers, Inc, Michigan
Santa's sign reads, "National Service is Dependable Service"
The box is made by Western Paper Box Company, Detroit, Michigan Dimensions: 15" X 12" X 4 1/4"

1940s Lot of Christmas & ephemera $20 with S&H

Creates a nice display of preparing for the Christmas season in the 1940s and 1950s.
2 Card boxes (empty) - 4 1/2 X 5 1/2 & 5 X 6 3/4
Package for Santa & Poinsettia Gift Cards and seals - including several of the original(?) cards and seals. One card was written, but not used "To Frankie from Clara" Several others have ink stains apparently from when Clara was filling these out. The box was originally 4" X 4", though now that it's been flattened, it's now a bit bigger.
1 roll of red Super Lustrous Gift Tie ribbon about 2/3 full - 2 widths in 1 designed so it could be split down the middle.
1 book of Christmas Customs and Carols compiled by Ruthella Rodeheaver 1943

Farm Supplies Trade Paper December 1929 w/ Santa on cover $13 incl. S&H

We're selling this for the cover, but the picture of the 3 farm children on the cow is priceless, and how about placing an order of explosives for your farm?
Vol. 1 No. 4 Pittsfield, MA
64 pages
6" x 8 3/4"

Christmas Lights by Noma $21.00 incl. S&H

Selling as found. The box says: "For a Safe and Brighter Christmas"
"Patented beads holds lamp upright"
11" x 5 3/4"

Lot of 5 Christmas themed magazines from the 1954 to 1971 $19.95 w/ S&H

Christmas decorating tips from 1950s Better Homes & Gardens magazines

We have other antique, vintage & collectible items at our Antiques Pages


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