Pirates? Are we all descended from them?
Is there a nation that exists today that didn't evolve through many acts of piracy?
Is that what fascinates us?

Who's a pirate? Who's a hero? In 1674, Charles II of England knighted the successful Welsh buccaneer Henry Morgan, who had plundered Spanish ships & ports in the Carribean. Then Charles appointed him Lt Governor of Jamaica.

"Steal a little and they'll throw you in jail Steal a lot and they'll make you king" (Bob Dylan "Sweetheart Like You") Shakespeare is full of tales of king making. The romance of honoring thieves has a long deep history and the honor of romancing thieves is just as deep. Pirate is a gender neutral term so who knows which pirate might captivate you?

Listen to Pirate Bride by TagYerit

"The Pirate Bride" by R & F Newman

She was a pirate bride, but he never quite satisfied
Her wilding adventurous side - she longed for his Big Black Ship.
Would she always be stuck on land - watching over his contraband
Wondrin’ if she’d ever stand on the deck of his Big Black Ship

She’s craving the wind on her face - to be on the edge of that place
Where the bark of an order - split second timing could keep
Them all alive or dash ‘em into the deep ~ deep ~

Wish I may wish I might- once the stars seemed aligned just right
His ship was the chosen site of the yearly Pirate Meet
When the notice came- she was the hostess named
She’d be greetin’ the cream of the captain’s crop those bold scalliwags

She chose the blood red velvet dress - single silver key around her neck
She sweetly asked if they’d sup below - to private quarters they did go

Was it the wine or the clams - shakily he’s trying to stand
Now his belly’s in his hands as he reels & falls to the floor - hit the deck
That’s her dragging him to the little room where the charts are kept
Now it’s off with the dress and on with the captain’s coat

Cause she’s craving ...

Like some “messing with destiny” night - the stars just blinked from their sight
A storm of considerable might - bore down on his Big Black Ship

We got: The captain unconscious below A crew that doesn’t even know
A wild storm commencing to blow A voice in command from the shadows.

I’d like to tell ya the one who saved the ship was she, but that wouldn’t be the truth in its entirety.

Those guest captains aboard and his able crew somehow managed to pull them all through

When the captain came to - The skies were finally fair

He’s clad in naught but his underwear - she sleeps so deep by his side
Cause she’s been craving ...
(descant 1)
Rolling waves get sickening
The plot just keeps on thickening
In this wind-whipped frenzied hour
Call forth all my power
(descant 2)
Quietly creepng back of the capstan
Stealthily up the ladder
No, what was I thinking
Gotta capture the captain’s swagger
Now must I become he.

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While "The Pirate Bride" is a fictional account of a wife who commandeers her husband's ship for one night, we found a historical novel, The Captain's Wife about Mary Patten, who in 1855 navigated her husband's clipper ship around Cape Horn to San Francisco while her husband was feverish and often incoherent. There was also a mutinous first mate that her husband had imprisoned for much of the trip. When she successfully piloted the ship to port with the help of the second mate, the press got hold of it and she became a national celebrity for a while, even drawing the attention of women suffragists of the time. The Captain's Wife was written by Douglas Kelley in 2001, and you can find many inexpensive copies online. With a few twists, do you think this story could become a movie version of our song ... ??

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