Picture Gallery of Cool Nautical Antiquities:

In creating this website, we originally planned to incorporate old pictures into a narrative. When while we realized that wasn't going to happen, we still thought it would be fun to share a few of our favorites.

Listen to Pirate Bride by TagYerit

Caulking of a ships hull Hamburg, 1885

Sea Monster and the Ship (scan)  - Jonathon Swift "Le Conte Du Tonneau" 1732 (The Tale of a Tub). An allegory: the illustration shows the Ship of State threatened by a whale (Leviathan). Sailors toss a tub over the side to divert the attention of the beast.

Anchor (scan) - detail from a larger  image Jean Calvin Commentarii in Isaiam by Jean Crespin 1570 - probably from 1st library brought by Mayflower blockprint


Many of the original images are on wikimedia.org

a. Wreck of the ship "Derry Castle" - Photographer: David De Maus (1847-1925) on Enderby Island, Auckland Islands, 22 March 1887 -Ship's figurehead marked grave
b. photo scan - source unknown
c. Océan -1/16th-scale model of the Océan ca. 1800 - bought by the Musée de la Marine & completed at the museum workshop.
d. photo scan - source unknown
e. Gallions Figurehead
f. Figurehead on display at the Mare Nostrum of Rapallo, Liguria, Italy
g. Indian Princess - source unknown
h. The Implacable - Figurehead of the 74-gun ship Implacable, 1800, originally named Duguay Trouin by the French. Personal photograph taken in the National Maritime Museum, London, UK
i. Belva Lockwood
j. photo scan - source unknown
k. photo scan - source unknown
The fishing boat in the picture behind the figureheads is from a photo taken by Rémi Kaupp


"Men from Francisco de Orellana's expedition building a small brigantine, the San Pedro"

Ward ShipyardWard 1856 -this illustration of Daniel and Stephen Ward's shipyard depicted on the Atlas Map of York County, published in 1856?

Dunderberg Shipyard Illustration of the USS Dunderberg under construction at William H. Webb's shipyard in New York. publ. Harper's Weekly, 14 November 1863,

Floating dock Woodcut included in the booklet Descrittione dell’ artifitiosa machina. Printed in Venice in 1560.

scan from a chapter on shipwrights from Colonial Craftsmen written & illust. by Edwin Tunis 1965


Siege of Rochelle - by Jacques Callot

Eagle map - United States East Coast

1913 Map Scott Stamp book1482 map

Pirate Battles

A Pirate Ship painting by Ambroise Louis Garneray. He was a French painter (1783 - 1857)


Destruction of the privateer Petrel by the St. Lawrence.
By R. Hinkelwood, after a painting by Paul Manzoni


Blackbeard - Edward Teach from engraving by Benjamin Cole in "A General History of the Robberies and Murders of the Most Notorius Pirates" (1724)

Blackbeard - don't know the source for this color plate though the same image is in b&w from "Blackbeard the Pirate": by Daniel Defoe & Charles Johnson (1736). "engraven on Copper, facing p. 86"


Engraving from 1771 Encyclopaedia Brittanica by Andrew Bell

The pirate pumpkin was carved by us at tagyerit.com
Joining him is Robert Rich, The 2nd Earl of Warwick who had a private navy . Led an unsuccesful privateering against Spaniards 1627. Painted  by Daniel Mytens

Here is the "Pirate Bride" as carved on a pumpkin in 2011 and put to TagYerit's song of the same name.


Here's a yarn for ya'
   Perhaps you've heard tell of
     bits 'n pieces of this tale
       over the years. Now we'll
           dredge up the truth ....

It all started when RR commissioned the fastest ship in a beautiful sleek new design from the respected Byrnes the Shipbuilder at The Yards off the Cape of Blanderhooks. The ship had to be fast and light. The shipbuilder figured ways to shave the dimensions of the timber to keep it light and still strong. Even 1/16" less thickness of every plank, could really add up over the mass of the ship. With the extra work involved, and a keen eye on budget, they salvaged materials where they could.

RR began his search for a fearless, trustworthy and reputable captain. Hearing of the successful exploits of Stede Blackadder off the coast of Jamaica and by happenstance being distantly related through a third cousin once removed, RR knew he had found his man. After a long discussion, handshake and a gentleman's agreement, Blackadder took over supervision of fitting the ship.

Shopping the salvage yards
anchor pic and mending flag pic small
Stede called in RR to do the honor of selecting from the figurehead salvage yard