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TagYerit Presents:
"Joy" and The Art of Bunny Dances (Binkies)

Below are 2 versions the top one is not as clear,
but loads better on older slower computers than the bottom one.

JOY ©1995 Rich & Flo Newman (BMI)

O Joy, you wilding sprite - it's you we're after
Just like a flash you're gone me chase you faster
For the moment you stick around
I'll fall right to the ground and roar with laughter

O time, persistent pain - from you we're running
I site you for entrapment - you're so cunning
Never noticed you when I was young
Now I'm grabbing hold of fun and leave you counting

Kick those crushing cares - crash out from under
Grab Joy right by the heels I think you've stunned her
We'll fall giggling to the ground - goodbye deep and profound
Drink down the wonder

Facing down the big ones; hunger, homelessness, and health
Preserving precious green in time - imbalance of world wealth
Then I scramble signals to my brain - let worthless worries lurk
Like thinking 'bout my thigh size - why's my cooking taste like dirt

Kick those ...

It's priority-juggling maze - balance family, work and friends
Half-done projects left for days and the laundry never ends
Where's the time to practice music - get the exercise I need
And it kills me just to think of all the books I'll never read

Kick those ...

Laughing so hard I can hardly breath
Holding my stomach and rolling around
Screaming with laughter-pounding the ground
I can hardly breath!

Hey, you there with the scythe - is there no hiding?
I believe Sir John of songs we go on shining
And I pray with Joy he shines
Tangerine skies in our minds and in our dreaming

Hey, you there with the scythe - is there no hiding?
I believe Sir John of songs we go on shining
We'll be shining - dreaming on - drink down the wonder

O Joy, you wilding sprite, it's you we're after
But like a flash you're gone - me chase you faster
So, if Joy shows up today - better get right down and play
And grab that laughter

The music-video "Joy" is a self-portrait for the band TagYerit (Rich and Flo Newman). While the artists do not seem to appear in it, this provides a snapshot of a portion of their everyday life. The rabbits pictured here are Kes (the small brown bun) and Shimmer, (the large gray bun) with a cameo appearance of Zorro their cat.

Rabbits at play love to dig and chew and "binky". Binkies are a way for rabbits to practice their evasive moves, but as you see in the video, they are also leaps of pure joy. So, it was only natural to use Shimmer’s talents for the song "Joy" - a song about learning to capture joy. For this, rabbits are most definitely "Ambassadors of Joy".

Shimmer and Kes are house bunnies. They have closely supervised outdoor play time for an hour or more each day. The clips for this video were shot over a period of 3 years during these outings.

Besides their band TagYerit (tag you’re it), Rich and Flo Newman are members of The House Rabbit Connection a group devoted to rescue, foster and adoption of unwanted rabbits who are often cast-off Easter bunnies. The House Rabbit Connection also provides educational outreach (for MA and CT). Anyone interested in these wonderful friends are encouraged to ‘adopt - don’t buy’.

Oh yes ... the joyous grey rabbit, Shimmer, who stars in this video is one of these rescued rabbit ... and all the guitar parts are REALLY played on the rabbit shaped guitar.

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