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Toilet Paper in Tax Law:   a 1929 Case Study

"Embarrassed" Lyrics for TagYerit's song(from the CD Tubeman)

Excerpts from the Book of Toilet Paper, (Excretial 10:29-38) Poetry has never known a better medium!

The Fairy Flush Gets Married! - toilet paper wedding dress.

Archive: The original WWTP Museum page - A somewhat goofy explanation of the museum's origins.

The Toilet Paper Museum Visits WMAS in Springfield

The TP Museum gets a cover story in the Springfield Union July 30, 2009

TP Resources & Links

  Why this? Woody In the words of one humorist filmmaker:


  "Why this?" (Woody Allen)
    Ink on toilet paper from 2002 Cannes
    Collector: D. Tox

Congratulations! You have found the Whole World Toilet Paper Museum, for the simple reason that you were looking for it. It's true you probably didn't even know you were looking for it until you found it, but find it you did.

On your left are the links to this site, where you'll find odd pictures, histories, stories and more. Perhaps there is nothing more inconsequential than a sheet of toilet paper. All the more reason to ponder it. If familiarity does indeed breed contempt, this site may hope to help you rise above contempt for the mundane. While the secret to the universe may indeed lie under our noses, don't expect to find that secret here. But do expect to have fun looking.
But WAIT - we're discovering that it is not inconsequential after all. Go to our blog and check out the entry A Scary Story  to learn about the environmental issues.

Our interview with The Travel Channel - Originally aired Jan. 2012

Audio Interview New England Public Radio 5/22/2014

Interview by Jill Kaufman: "Something Worth More Than The Paper It's Written On?"

Video interview for Springfield Union

An interview we did with the Springfield Union newspaper

"Life is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes", Steven Tyler (in his autobiography: Does the Noise in My Head Bother You)

We were sad to learn that our interview on the Smithsonian Network is no longer available.

It was recently brought to our attention that the technical term for toilet paper collecting is "Latrinapapirophilia", which would either make us latrinapapirophiles or latrinapapirophiliacs.


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