"Outlaw Radio Guy" by R&F Newman (BMI)

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Outlaw Radio Guy - he wears a cool disguise
You never see his eyes - our sonic samurai
Outlaw Radio Guy

Outlaw Radio Guy © Rich & Flo Newman (BMI)

Outlaw Radio Guy - he wears a cool disguise
You never see his eyes - our sonic samurai
Outlaw Radio Guy

And I think he's so brave
When he rides his airwave - in the sky
Outlaw Radio Guy

His shows are so extreme - it makes my teachers scream
His programming's so wild - no one dares touch that dial
Outlaw Radio Guy

No programmed playlist smothers him
No slave to advertising's whim
He spins true - straight to you
Outlaw Radio Guy

Microtransmitter's hot - we've found a lovely spot
To do the show today - I brought the gatorade
Outlaw Radio Guy

He gives me so much to smile at
Mom says he's nothing but a pirate - calls him trash
Outlaw Radio Guy

Now they're even watching me - that mean old FCC
He's gotta watch his back when he's in Radio Shack
Outlaw Radio Guy

They must think he's so smart
How the hell does he get those parts and stay so free
Outlaw Radio Guy

(background) Risk it - he's got guts dare to risk it
Corporate bucks jail the D.J.s
Gotta spin discs his own way
Cause he's willing to risk it - he's got guts dare to risk it
Someone we put out trust in
They're just itchin' to bust him
Cause he's willing to risk it.

Genre: upbeat, with a slight melancholy undertone, rock, pop, easy listening, kids/family, alternative, ac (adult contemporary), cabaret

About the Song:

Humorous take on a pirate radio jockey, with just a touch of pathos
Review quotes:
Melyssa Harmon Get Fancy! "We hail TagYerit for their eye-opening "Outlaw Radio Guy", a song for those programmers claiming to be innovative but a playlist that tells a different story!"
VR Radio (11/27/99) "TagYerit will enter our first playlist chart at #1, with the song Outlaw Radio Guy. ... the response for ORG was overwhelming!"
Barney Quick Indie-Music.com Sept.99, "It would be difficult for this reviewer to pick a favorite, but "Outlaw Radio Guy" is a strong contender. The bare-bones arrangement heard here is exactly as it should be, but I could imagine some other act covering this with a lazy honky-tonk piano, more up-front drums, lush vocal harmonies and maybe even a hint of steel guitar floating over the top of the proceedings. Or how about Tagyerit working up such an arrangement and shopping it as a shot at a hit single? "
Gary Carra The Valley Advocate (7/1/99) "Outlaw Radio Guy" is quite possibly the best doo-wop blues song ever written, particularly considering that the band seems to have created the category with it."
Ben Ohmart atnzone.com (6/13/99), "The beautiful one here is 'Outlaw Radio Guy'. I can't explain. You have to listen to it. Flo Newman's unadorned vocals spring out from the backandforeground. I can't Stand it, it's so pretty."

Title: Outlaw Radio Guy
Author(s):Richard & FloraLee Newman
Year:© 1999

About the Recording:
Title: Outlaw Radio Guy
Author(s):Richard & FloraLee Newman
Year:© 1999
Pro: BMI
Published: on TagYerit's CD "Tubeman"
Artist: TagYerit with Flo (guitars, vocals) Rich (bass) Fred Hazelton (drums)
Producer: Ed Vadas
Recorded: Greg Steele (engineer) at Derek Studios - Dalton, MA
Mastered: Northeastern Digital Southborough, MA
Review quotes: Music Street Journal - "This is straightforward rock and roll meets Blondie."

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