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LAAARGE Pumpkins!

Carving large pumpkins provides opportunities and challenges beyond the normal carvings. After seeing the very different approaches of Ray Villafane, Laura Cotton & Dave Olsen, we realized we needed to give large pumpkins the space they deserve.


In 2003 we were delighted to have a new contributor. As you can see, Ray Villafane's 5 carvings are highly detailed and extremely whimsical. Ray used clay ribbon loop tools for most of the carving on these 30-40 pound pumpkins - with the aid of a pearing knife for the final touches. In general, he tries to keep them solid. (The skull is an.exception.)  Click here to see Ray's website

Funky FrankensteinSkull & Horns


Gus "Squashcarver" Smithhisler works in squash up to 1000 lbs.


Gus' daughter is standing by his tiger carving which gives you an idea of the scale he works. Gus is a professional carver. He was featured at the Bellagio in Las Vegas in 2007. With the different attractions and lines of people every day walking along the Las Vegas hotels on the strip, it was great to see so many people turn out to see these great pumpkin carvings. He likes to carve the pumpkins on the outside only, as they last much longer, from 2 weeks to 2 months. The vast majority of his pumpkins are not Halloween related, but we just couldn't pass up showing you his cannibalistic pumpkin ...

  Visit his website Squashcarver for more.

On the other hand Laura Cotton and her crew use 120 lb. plus pumpkins for many of their projects. It takes 3-4 people about 4-5 hours to create, and they  always carve the pumpkin the day of halloween to keep it from rotting. People come from all over their city every year to view them! They have customized a lot of their own tools to make them.


The incised detail of these pumpkins are unique. Note the etched shading on his arms, leg and chest. And you can see all the joints in his toes / claws.

2003  - The CASTLE

2002 "Dragon w/ Crystal Ball"

Dr Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde (doc on front, hyde carved into back)



(this was our first year - now it's a tradition!)

David Olsen sent in these wonderful picture of  his work:

Shades of green! YIKES! -a large gargoyle-esque carving.

Kenneth Morgan III carved this 200 pound pumpkin in 1995. "It would not even fit in the shopping cart at the store. It took 2 hours to carve it. It was one to be proud of."

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The pumpkins you find on these pages were either done by Rich & Flo Newman (aka TagYerit) or sent in by friends & contributors. There could easily be 10 pages by now, so give yourself plenty of time to explore the vast range of wonderful creations assembled here! Keep going, there's so much to see!

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