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The elections of 2004 inspired us to try political commentary and with pumpkin carving season at the same time of year, well who could resist. Remember, if you don't like what's going on, don't blame the pumpkins!

Click here for some wonderful politically inspired pumpkins that folks sent in 2004

From 2016

With apologies to Johnny Hart. He created an irresistible character and a brilliant cartoon. And to Steve Benson and Steve Sack who unwittingly helped me with the caricatures. And also to Thomas Nast, who blazed the way along with John Tenniel. Then again to Pat Oliphant and Paul Szep - who created the editorial cartoons that I personally grew up with. There are many others, but I'll leave that list for others to share the blame (I meant to say credit).

From 2010
This one speaks for itself.

From 2008:

From the 2004 election:
Me negative? Nope not gonna happen. Well I might say things that appear to the uninitiated as negative. So I'll initiate you now. If I see something that I believe is wrong I'll let you know! Whether the perpetrator is intentionally evil or just causing great harm, I'll leave to your discernment. If you don't like what I say, create your own forum. I'm not a newspaper editor. If you do email me, the only reason I will post your comments is because:

Some people don't understand the difference between irony and plain mean spirited insults. Here's how it works. If you see a picture of the President and Vice President with the term "Asses of Evil", keep in mind that this is a twist on a term that George Bush used to identify non-US-aligned nations that are trying to obtain nuclear weapons, presumably so that they can grow up to be just like us.(Imitation is, after all, the sincerest form of flattery). Countries that he hoped to villify (think "villain") he referred to as the Axis of Evil.

Well turning this phrase on its axis by auditory association converted it to the word "asses". Now, remember that a donkey is a domesticated work animal often villified by the term ass. And since its the turn of a phrase used against its creator that signifies irony, we have simply been the instrument of juvenile word play - ( not unlike Bill Shakespeare used to do). Perhaps its not funny. Still we had fun doing it. We take no credit for the term, only for connecting it to these particular charicatures. By the way, there is nothing inherent in this discussion to imply that we agree with anything to do with the rogue nations referred to as the Axis of Evil. Only that we disagree with the President in his approach to international politics.

If you like these images. Please use them. If you edit the link out of the image, please include it in your site (article) along with credits as appropriate. And then let us know.

What follows is TagYerit's sporadic weblog of politico/social commentary - mostly outdated, but who knows? I might pickup on it again!