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Max Cohen

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New for 2018

Currently (August / September 2018), Max & co. is finishing work on The Infinite Dark, a CD project with Jane Yolen & 3 Ravens. The 3 Ravens are Donna Hebert, Lui Collens and Max Cohen.

For this exciting and most worthwhile venture, they're looking for crowdfunding help via Indiegogo. Lots of great incentives.

Jane Yolen is a well known author of hundreds of books in the realms of fantasy, science fiction, and children's books. Jane Yolen recites her mystical stories of selchies and more through her poetry, and the 3 Ravens set it to music, adding their haunting vocals. Check out that link at Indiegogo for samples and details. But HURRY, the campaign ends September 18th.

"An endearing and inspiring performer. I love Max" - Dar Williams

Max' Debut CD "Saltwater Color" 1993 - 12 songs
"lush glistening tones ... immaculate arpeggiations and stately slurs. His relaxed but spirited execution holds true, even at virtuoso speed." - Guitar Player Magazine
Here's a solo accoustic guitar sample
27 sec. of "Subliminal Orange" (317k, WAV format )
"Max is among the most musically complete players this column has seen. He shows just how beautiful accoustic guitar music can be: harmonically rich without sounding complex, melodic without being sappy or sweet. Max makes the grade as both a composer and a player." Guitar For The Practicing Musician

"Places I've Gone, People I've Been" 1996

Max's second CD, but his debut as singer and lyricist.
Max has contributed his trademark guitar style on numerous recordings, including Dar Williams "Honesty Room". He's also been featured on WUMB in Boston, and WRSI in Greenfield,MA
All songs ©1993 to ©2005 by Max Cohen, Cosmic Sound Music

Folk Web offers more samples of Max' tunes, and the option of secure online transactions. (click this link to go to Folk Web)

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Max can be reached at
You can also hear .wav samples of Max playing guitar on the "Kate O'Connor Group" page.
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