What is TagYerit?  (Tag You're It)
- A band formed by 2 songwriters with unusual ideas on 4 CDs     
- A playful perspective
- 100+ unique web pages of music, arts and miscellania.


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  1. TagYerit: The Band
  2. TagYerit: The Website (Sheer On-line Fun)  TagYerit's non-musical entertainment features
    1. The Whole World Toilet Paper Museum Everyone uses it, but what do you really know about it?
    2. The East Pole When was the last time you visited the East Pole? How else do you expect to learn the origins of the Easter Bunny?
    3. Gadgetrees  Wondrous xmas/yule trees made out of common and uncommon household objects. (A must see)
    4. Unusual holiday & gift ideas   Featuring some of our past projects.
    5. Pumpkins   Maybe they're carved for Halloween, but these are worth checking out any time of the year.
    6. Trick or Treat Trials -  Here, you'll find things that we've done to celebrate Halloween
    7. SongCarvers - TagYerit's songs carved in pumpkins
    8. The Art Hacker Sculpture and Automata by TagYerit (For Sale)
    9. Antiques  Many old items, collectibles & books, that we're offering for sale
    10. The Arts: painting, poetry, photography, philm
    11. Shingle Art Gallery - featuring "The Giant at the Back Door" and many more wonderful shingling projects.
    12. What's your quirk rock quotient? Take the Pop Quiz
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  4. To contact us please type in the email address shown in this image. My website moved and I haven't figured out how to get the forms working yet.
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