The Hike Video

The Hike (song & lyrics)

©1997 Rich & Flo Newman (BMI)

Do you pretend on your hike in the woods that you're the only one of your species
Swishing through those giant fern leaves
you're sure that you're in a forest primeval
When the crow breaks the still -
could it be pterodactyl swooping down

Here the forest's opening up to a meadow of swaying long grasses
Do you bow with them in respect as the fairy queen's entourage is passing by
Wait for when the fanfare starts to fade - to catch a glimpse of the fabled fairy steed.

Pounding aches - soles will burn
This path's seducing me
Twisting trails tempt me around each turn
Like that bear, I gotta see what I can see

You're so struck by the beauty of the swampland and the low lying marshes
Decaying trees carpeted in a lush green - but yeah, it kinda stinks- you'd better cruise
There's a scaly hand clasping onto bare skin - will it suck you down into the inky black ooze?

Now, see where glacier scraped on through rock monoliths just dumped at weird angles
From a rift in rock-emerges gnarled troll - he's pretty freaked at the sight of giant you
They've probably mined these hills a million years - with your next step will you fall through secret shaft?
Pounding aches ...

Do you believe on your hike in the woods that you're the only one of your species
If I step between these towering twin trees, will I find myself in a dimension unknown?
There's an alien starts to speak in surprise,
"Woulda saved you a sandwich, if I'd known you were coming home."
"How'd you get so covered in dust and mud?"
"The guy next door's got a brand new truck."

Here, in order of their appearance is the
'cast' of TagYerit's video "The Hike".

Frederick Catherwood litho plates from Catherwood's Views of Ancient Monuments in Central American Chiapas and Yucatan 1844

Ernst Bird
Max Ernst 1926
Histoire Naturelle


Flying Bunny
Hortus Sanitatis ca 1507
Pruss produce edition based on Meydenbach's 1491

Deer Xing sign - rendered in the animation studios of Wabbit Wecordings

Dragon and the Apple Tree
Antonio Sousa De Macedo
engraved plates by John Droeshout 1645
volume celebrates Portugal's release from Spanish dominion

Questing Beast
Arthur Rackham 1917
illustration for The Romance of King Arthur

Horseman Rackham
Illustration for Undine 1909   - the story of a a water sprite Undine who marries the knight Huldebrand in order to gain a soul.  Friedrich de la Motte Gouque wrote the story in 1811

The Golden Winged Woodpecker sitting on a chestnut oak branch

Mark Catesby The Natural History of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands 1771

Long Beaked Bird - Numenius - (long billed curlew?)
Mark Catesby The Natural History of Carolina, Florida & Bahamas 1754

Superb Lyrebird (Menura Superba)
John Gould The Birds of Australia 1848

Bird - The Lesser Cockatoo with a yellow crest
George Edwards - Gleanings of Natural History published in London 1758-1764

Martin Bird
hand colored plate (after Huet & Pretre) ca 1838
Martin-chasseur mignon

Tree & Heron
Arthur Rackham
Izaac Walton The Compleat Angler 1931

Amaryllis Crocata - Papilio Nestor Brazil
aquatint print by Robert Havell after Priscilla Susan Bury (Liverpool)1834

chromolitho by or after John Nugent Fitch ca. 1882-1897

Orchid - odontoglossum grande
W.H. Fitch, del lith
A Monograph of Odontoglossum 1874
handcolored litho plates by Walter Hood Fitch

The Young Daughter of the Picts
gouache Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues, a Huguenot artist (ca 1533-1588)

The Picts (the Pictish of Pictland?) were painted or tattooed people living in eastern and northern Scotland in the early medieval days till about the 10th century when they merged with the Gaels.

Red Crest Cockatoo (Callocephalon Galeatum)
John Gould The Birds of Australia 1848

Sharpbilled Toucan (Ramphastos Carinatus)
John Gould A Monograph of the Ramphastidae or Family of Toucans 1854

gouache Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues, a Huguenot artist (ca 1533-1588)

2 Feather Bird
Mark Catesby The Natural History of Carolina, Florida & Bahamas 1754

Black Oak or quercitron quercus tinctoria
John James Audobon 1844

Clover Pinks
gouache Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues, a Huguenot artist (ca 1533-1588)

Humming Birds on a Cactus
John Gould A Monograph of Trochildae of Family of Humming Birds 1861

Ptolemy Map
Cosmographia cartography by Dom Nicolaus Germanus 1482

Grand Voyages to America 1593
Theodor de Bry Engraving
Based on a collaboration with Richard Hakluyt and on earlier woodcuts by Hans Studen (de Bry never visited America)

Jacque Callot (1592 - 1635)
Very similar to characters in another etching that says "Cap. Esgangarato" & "Cap. Cocodrillo" below the figures (Ramshackle & Crocodile) - 17th century etching
scan from Print Quarterly Feb. 1942

1581 design for a pendant - engraving by Jean Collaert
from a series of 20 similar designs intended for the use of goldsmiths and jewelers
This was scanned from back page ad Feb. 1942 The Print Collector's Quarterly magazine. The ad was placed by Otto Ranschburg Old & Rare Books on West 57th ST in NYC

Ships in a Storm 1860
by Ivan Constantinovich Aivasovsky
from Wikimedia

"Anglers in the rain, at a bend in the river"
Arthur Rackham ca. 1910

The Jelly Fish
from "A Collection of Voyages"  Vol IV William Dampier (1651 - 1715)

Palm Tree
Karl Friedrich Philipp von Martius
Historia Naturalis Palmarum 1823-1850

Mayan seals
Palenque 1787 - drawings made on first expedition to classic maya ruins at palenque

Doris May as Barbara Jackson in "Up And At 'Em" (1922)
Scan from 8" x 10" movie promo

Masked Boy - Aubrey Beardsley 1894

"Beauty and The Beast" by Edmund Dulac 1910

A Cottage in The Woods - a TagYerit photo (2011)

Ne O Mon Ne An Ioway Chief
History of the Indian Tribes of North America by Thomas McKenney & James Hall
the lithos based on oils by Charles Bird King 1844

Travels through North & South Carolina, Georgia, E & W FL ... by William Bartam 1792
Mico Chlucco the Long Warrior - King of the Seminoles

"On The Bat's Back Do I Fly After the Summer Merrily"
Edmund Dulac 1908
Illustration for The Tempest

Midsummer Night's Dream1900
Oberon, Titania & Puck

Shakespeare's Collected Works illustration by Charles Ricketts

The March of the Crossing Signs
rendered in the animation studios of Wabbit Wecordings

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