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Unique Early 1800 Antique Thumb Back Arm Rocker with Arrow Slat Spindles Rush seat (missing) $350.00

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Very nice Early American rocking chair for a person on the smaller side.
I do not know of a match to this particular hybrid of a chair. Made by someone who may have been experimenting between slat back chair and spindle back. Possibly by a country furniture maker. There is no attempt to hide the caliper lines on the turned legs. It has pegged mortise and tenon joinery.

The back has 3 horizontal rails with 4 vertical arrow back slats between the 2 lower rails.
The arms end in very nicely shaped handholds.
It has several woods. One is either oak or chestnut. The other possibly maple.
One of the rockers as seen from underneath was drilled all the way through for the chair leg. Was this an experiment, a mistake or done by an amateur? In any case these rockers are very old if not original.
The finish is just as we bought it. There are signs of white paint in the grain.
The macrame seat was a partially failed experiment we made in the 1970s when we bought the chair. We bought the chair in either Connecticut or western Massachusetts.

Dimensions are approximate:
Height from floor to top of thumb backs 38 3/4"
Length of rockers 23 1/2"
2 top horizontal rails (slats) and a bottom rail taper from 13 1/4" long to 12 3/4" long. The top rail is 3 1/4" high.
The arrow back spindles are 11 3/4" tall
The space between arms is 15 to 15 1/2" wide.
The seat is 14 1/2" from the floor and approx. 15 1/2" X 14"

If you are interested, I will be happy to research shipping to your locale. contact us

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