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Items on this page are set up to accept paypal and include S&H to anywhere in continental US. Contact us for any questions or to discuss other possible options.

Historiette Published by J. O'Hara Boston Umbrella Manufacturer circa 1900 - $33.00

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S&H included for US sales only. All others contact us first.

This 4 page newsletter "Historiette", was published by J. O'Hara Shawmut Ave. Boston. Presumably it was, a creative way to publicize his business, writing or quoting a few interesting stories and tidbits and also taking other advertisers to support this venture.
His Front page ad reads: " J. O'Hara Umbrellas and Parasols, made to order, recovered and repaired at 181 Shawmut Ave, Boston. Canes. Heads, and ferrules put on canes., polished, repaired, etc. Prompt work. Reasonable prices"
undated - J. O'Hara manufactured, sold and repaired umbrellas at his shop. There are directory listings online for his business at this address in 1892 & 1902

Articles include: The History of Umbrellas (from Johnson's Universal Cyclopedia); The Mysterious Palace from Gesta Romanorum; Freak of a Somnambulist (Humorous piece); The Night Has a Thousand Eyes (poem); The Lizard; The Cat; How To Get Rich (taken from the pen of Ben Franklin); A Point For The Professions. Besides his own ad, he includes ads for 7 other businesses.

The back cover ad for J. O'Hara reads:
"No! Umbrellas are not common property, For he who takes what is'nt (sic) his'n Ought to be in Jail or Prison
"What does it cost to recover an Umbrella! If the stick and frame (ribs) are plain and common, the cost is the same as a new umbrella same cloth.
"The part of the umbrella you take hold of is the handle, the rest of the stick is the shank. The frame of the umbrella is the ribs only. The sheath or outside cover is the case. The solid steel ribs are the round ones, the corrugated (hollow) ribs are the paragon. The short ribs, the short part of a rib which stretches the umbrella out is the stretcher.
"The best place to buy an Umbrella is where you can have it repaired. If the fault of the break is in the umbrella we will repair it gratis; if not, even then we will repair it at a reduced price; besides we sell as low as the lowest
Always keep your umbrella untied when not carried, to prevent wearing in the folds."

Good Condition - Rare and unusual.
Size: 6" X 9 1/4"
4 pages

White's Club London Sterling Silver band from walking stick or umbrella ca. 1900 - $62.00

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S&H included for US sales (all others contact us  first)
There are several names that make this a notable piece.
The silver itself was made by Charles Cooke for Thomas Brigg & Sons - noted makers of fine umbrellas and canes.
The inscription is John Barclay and just below says "White's Club".

"A brig in full sail" between the letters 'B' and 'S'.
CC (Charles Cooke)
Brigg London
along with 3 hallmarks
ca. 1900 - probably between 1890 & 1920

White's Club is a gentleman's club situated in St James's Street, London, United Kingdom. Founded in 1693, and still exists today. One of the most exclusive gentleman's club in London featuring royalty & politically powerful people.
I found 2 John Barclays listed for the appropriate time and place - father and son. The father was listed as retired Brigade Surgeon elected to Zoological Society of London in 1882. John Barclay, Esq. the senior was also listed as a lineal descendant of Col. David Barclay, of Ury, a.d. 1610.
The following from a web search "Scriven, John Barclay, son of John Barclay Scriven, Esq , 95, Oxford Gardens, London, W., aged 14, April 3. Left Rugby 1887."

The Brigg mark is most often to be found struck in conjunction with the mark of the silversmith Charles Cooke who was the chief mounter of gold and silver ornaments to Thomas Brigg & Sons.
Approx. 3" long by 5/8" wide
1/2 lb. shipping wt.

Vintage 1930s Chromed Car Handle Cane (William Schnell) $75.00

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S&H included for US sales (all others contact us first)

This makes a great gift for an antique car collector. I am selling the door handle mounted on bamboo as a walking stick. It's for display only because I did not mount it permanently in case someone actually was looking for this handle for a restoration project. If you wanted to use this as a walking stick, I would recommend plaster or hard putty to cement it in place. The cane is weighty, because the door handle is a solid casting. The sleek design of the handle inspired me to try it as a cane handle. It's very comfortable to hold.

The Patent numbers 91089 and 1,877,603 indicate they were created by William Schnell in 1933.
William Schnell was lead designer and engineer at Ternstedt Manufacturing Company, the first styling studio for General Motors and other car manufacturers. They designed many iconic hood ornaments and radiator emblems. You can learn more about Schnell at this link.

Vintage Deco Walking Stick Cane - Fabulous Laminated Handle Oak Shaft $61.00 includes S&H

Click image on left for more views.
This unique handle is made up of alternating layers of copper and a goldish translucent material such as lucite or 'applejuice' bakelite and there are also bands of a silver colored metal, possibly nickel. It has the monogram "FJL". An iron shaft running through the middle of the handle holds it together.
The well proportioned sturdy tapered oak shaft ends with a nice brass or bronze tip.
When it's held to the light, the translucent parts glow with a goldish hue and you can see the structure of the cane.
33" tall x 3/4" square at the top.
2 lb. shipping wt.

Vintage Umbrella Handle Mystery Material - Horn? Plastic? $26.00 Includes S&H

Click image to left for more views.
This handle is 6 3/8" long to the iron shaft. Overall the piece is 8"
Mystery Material??? The material has us stumped. It seems like some kind of plastic that wonderfully emulates a natural material such as horn. If so, it might be built up rather than cast. I see no sign of any seams. It really looks like a natural material except it kind of feels like a plastic of some sort.

Vintage Flower Carved Walking Stick Cane Montenvert Mer de Glace $51.00 (includes S&H)

Click image to left for more views.
Carving of a flower - possibly an edelweiss. Also carved into the stick is "Montenvert Mer De Glace". My best guess is that someone bought this walking stick as they prepared to hike the glacier. The iron spiked tip definitely looks to be designed for wintry, icy conditions and it's a sturdy cane. It's a very nice carving, but we had a hard time capturing the details of it in the photo especially the slanted font text just below the flower.

1" diameter at the widest point. approx. 37" tall

The Montenvert Mer de Glace (Sea of Ice) is a glacier located on the northern slopes of the Mont Blanc massif, in the Alps. At 7 kilometres long and 200 metres deep, it is the longest glacier in France. It is in the Rhône-Alpes region in south-eastern France. It was the site of the 1924 Winter Olympics, the first Winter Olympics.
This cane has been in our collection for over 30 years.

Fun Carved Folk Art Walking Stick ca. 1980 $55.00

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S&H included for US sales (all others contact us  first)
One full carved figure and 2 additional faces. Just the kind of character you might hope to run into in your next hike in the woods. Though you might want to approach him cautiously. He looks to be inspired by Northwest Indian design. We bought him at a craft fair around 1980. I don't know who made it. There are some letters etched into the bottom section (see pictures), but they could say anything. It's carved in a fairly lightweight wood. Looks like it may have been oiled once. There are a few minor splits in the wood from when the wood originally was dried. There was one split behind the characters knees that I reglued.

Approx. 48" tall
15 1/2" wide (tip of nose to tip of hat(?))
approx. 6" deep (from the curve of the wood)

Vintage Square Shouldered Cast Iron Fireplace Tool Stand / Umbrella Cane Rack - $45.00

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S&H included for US sales (all others contact us first)
This mid 20th Century fireplace tool stand would now make a great display rack for your canes or hold your umbrellas in the front hall (please urethane or paint first so it won't rust on your wet umbrellas). It is solid. You can finish it or leave it in it's rustic 'as found' condition.

This square shouldered gentleman seems to have a comical robotic posture.
27 1/4" tall
4 lbs.

Vintage Sculpted Celluloid (or vegetable ivory?) & Amber Plastic Umbrella Handle - SOLD

Click image to left for more views.
The top decorative sphere is 1 3/8" diameter. There is a visible grain. Don't know if this is celluloid or carved vegetable ivory.
The vintage amber plastic handle has a slight taper. Approx. 3/4" diameter
The length of the handle is approx. 6" long.
Overall length is 31".  The umbrella does not open. It looks like the latch mechanism may be bent.

As you can see, the light through the amber plastic gives a warm stained glass feeling. The handle has a nice substantial feel to it.

While we hope the buyer wants the whole umbrella, - in the event that you don't, I can cut it.

Lot of 4 Vintage Wooden Canes / Walking Sticks - SOLD

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Items on this page are set up to accept paypal (Visa etc.) and include S&H to anywhere in continental US. Contact us for any questions or to discuss other possible options.

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