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Toilet Paper - Celebrity Examples

from the Whole World Toilet Paper Museum


Madonna - at the set of 'League of Their Own'

Signed "Love Madonna"
from the set of "League of Their Own"

Baba Ram Dass - 3/16/86 Author of 'Be Here Now'

Signed "In Love, Ram Dass"
60's counter-culture icon



Harrison Ford Thanksgiving 1990 'To 2 good sh_ts'

Harrison Ford - "To 2 good sh_ts"
collected from his home.

Joyce Randolph (Trixie Norton)6/26/2000

"Trixie" from "The Honeymooners" TV series


Leon Russell 10/28/95

Musician Leon Russell
collected from his tour bus.

Penny Marshall 5/6/93

Penny Marshall - from "Laverne & Shirley"


Barbara Walters 6/26/2000 'This is a first'

Barbara Walters collected at the
Latin Quarter Dancer's Reunion

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Toilet Paper in Tax Law:   a 1929 Case Study

"Embarrassed" Lyrics for TagYerit's song(from the CD Tubeman)

Excerpts from the Book of Toilet Paper, (Excretial 10:29-38) Poetry has never known a better medium!

The Fairy Flush Gets Married! - toilet paper wedding dress.

Archive: The original WWTP Museum page - A somewhat goofy explanation of the museum's origins.

The Toilet Paper Museum Visits WMAS in Springfield

The TP Museum gets a cover story in the Springfield Union July 30, 2009

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