This page received over 34,000 visitors before the 2004 election. If it helped inform one voter (through our links and commentary) then we've done our job. The rest was just fun.
Voting IS fun. Though seeing one's selected candidate lose is not.
Voting is exciting
Voting is your right and responsibility.
Getting educated is fun too. Well sometimes it makes you mad. So what? Better to take control of your life and attempt to control our leaders than sit in the dark and wonder why someone else has one hand on your light switch with their other hand in your pocket.
It baffles me that people admit that someone isn't doing a good job but are so afraid to try someone else. That's the part I don't understand. What if the challenger isn't ideal? Then in four years you boot him (her) out too.
Back in elementary school I learned in Civics class that voting was not only my right, but my responsibility. When I mentioned that to someone recently they laughed. "Civics class? They haven't taught that in years." Now I see, schools are practicing "all children left behind". Besides reading writing and arithmetic, what could be more important. What difference does it make teaching what year this country was founded if we don't teach why.

Bush Bashing Pumpkin Contest 2004

Well the results are in. The voters have decided that these pumpkins all lost. Not exactly. They still have four years to haunt President Bush's second term. Maybe it was a bad sign when the "04 Kerry" pumpkin rotted on Halloween - 2 days before the election. Sigh!


"Need A Ride" by Kathy Luttkus in Milwaukee.

The Amazing, Wild Ride of the George Bush Pumpkin

By Kathy Luttkus

"When we first saw the George Bush pumpkin, he was eagerly waiting on the front lawn of a Milwaukee resident for a passer by to pick him up and take him back to friendlier territory. George was disheartened by polls citing low approval ratings in this “blue” state. Initially, he took pleasure in the local landscape while hitching his ride, admiring the geese that flew overhead and the stunning fall color. He would snicker and snort at the occasional bird that would perch on his outstretched arm, and the squirrels that would scamper below.
But no one gave George a lift, for fear he would make them listen to his bootleg Clint Black Live cassette. ... cont'd here

Click Here for the rest of the story

This pumpkin was a statement by Veronica Wilson to express her frustration with the voting process. (The picture was taken on her cell phone!)
"The Great Pumpkin Ate My Vote" or "Now I Know What Happened to My Absentee Ballot". Veronica was one of the the thousands that requested a ballot back in August, again in September and didn't get it until the Saturday BEFORE the election. She used the envelope from that absentee ballot that should have been in her hands a month earlier and had the pumpkin do it's thing on it. As it happened she was back in time to vote but even so it took two hours of arguing and demanding a provisional ballot before she was allowed to vote.

We're not ready to make a case for conspiracy theorists, but it's amazing that in this day and age, in the oldest democratic government, we still have a lot to fix.


The news media is afraid to talk important issues. Instead they dance around silly minor themes such as 30 year old military records and unscientific vote-discouraging polls(4). (Apparently they like to beat around the bush ) But let the pumpkins have their say and some real talking gets done.

Watch out George W. Bush, the pumpkins are on the warpath. They do not want your oil wells in their fields, nor the smog blocking their sun, nor polluted waters in their roots.


"Truth vs. Bush See-saw". While the republican party likes to pretend that John Kerry flip-flops, it was George W. Bush that claims to be an environmental president and once criticized Clinton for an interventionist US policy that in reflection to Bush's actions were miniscule. (3)


Entries Wanted:

Email us about your ideas, your drawings, your pumpkin photos, videos, poems ... anything as long as it somehow uses pumpkins to help unseat the Bush regime. Then we'll explain where to email anything that requires an attachment. Try to keep them simple and funny. If you have that political cartooning knack, maybe someone will be inspired to email it to their friends. And that could be worth that crucial vote.

The Prizes:

  • NO more years of Bush
  • A healthier cleaner environment
    • Kerry has a 92% lifetime rating from the League of Conservation Voters while Bush has been letting corporate polluters virtually rewrite our environmental laws. (1)
  • No more bleeding the poor and middle income taxpayers to pay for record deficits -This year, Bush has a record $422 billion budget deficit with multi-trillion-dollar deficit projections for the future. Funny that it took a Democrat, Bill Clinton to erase 12 years of deficits from the previous Republican administrations leaving George a $200 billion surplus to squander.(2)
  • Restored respect and cooperation in the international arena.
  • Links to many more prizes. The Bush record - Read it & weep (3)


As soon as possible! Definitely before election day

btw - The picture of this pumpkin won the Pumpkins for Change contest in 2008

What Mess??

Your Entries ...

A number of people have hoped to convey the similarities between the haunting halloween effect and this year's elections. ...

Adrienne, who lives in a NYC co-op provided the following script for "The House of Horrors"
Make a sort of "tunnel" using black fabric. Pipe in spooky noise/music. From the entrance til about 1/2 way down the tunnel, put up signs that say things such as: "It's the scariest thing you've ever seen!!!" ... "Oh, the horror!!!" ... "Will you wake up from this nightmare?" etc. Then, fill the second half of the tunnel with images of Bush and accompanying comments about what will happen if he's re-elected. For instance: "Right wing appointments to the Supreme Court which will remain in effect for perhaps the next 30 years." "Crushing deficit" "Thousands more dead in Iraq" etc. (At her website, she also has printable pages of anti-bush stickers).

    True Majority created the "No W" design to "Help Carve Bush Out of the White House" campaign.


    Click here to download the stencil (in .pdf)

"The Choice is Yours to Make" set by Vicki & John

Vicki & her son John created these 2 to convey the life or death issue ahead. "Bush was the scariest theme we could think of."
Smoking George by Brent Temple
"Smoking George" was submitted by Brent Temple "No W Face" submitted by "Anonymous"


Carved by Shanna H. and friend "Smirking George" & "Vote" by Shanna H.

Two views of "Mad Mopey GWB" by Matt Mattingly

"No W George" by Glen "Anti Bush" jack-o-lantern submitted by Sarah Weyant
One of our contributors made use of 2 strategically placed pumpkins. She says she got lots of positive comments during trick or treating. Then she added.


Poitical pumpkin Halloeen 2003 by Jason Salzman fom Cause Communications

In similar vein, Helen Barolini sent in the following slogan. Under a scowling George W(ar) Bush are the words
Bush is scary! / Vote for Kerry

And then some people have kept a positive, "Elect Kerry" attitude ...

Jonathon Berger

Kerry portrait by Kim Binsted

Kerry-O-Lantern by Sam Smith - On Halloween 2001 he decided to carve the two scariest things he could think of: George W. Bush and Osama bin. He made his own templates using photographs from google and modifying them in photoshop. This year, as a freshman at Colorado College (a very pro-Kerry oasis in conservative Colorado Springs) he carved this pumpkin. Not because he was scary, but as a different way to show hisKerry support. It is now lit day and night looking out over the quad (its a funkin, a plastic replica that won't decay. As Sam says, "I used to carve real pumpkins, but what's the point of showing Kerry support if it decays weeks before election day? Click here to see the Kerry template as well as GWBush pumpkin.
Another pumpkin for Kerry. Says "Vote 04" by Margaret Weber

"Vote Kerry" submitted by the Jim Cutcher family of Toledo Ohio

> 11x8.5 PDF

> 11x8.5 PDF

> 11x8.5 PDF

These stencils were created by Votestar.


Or how about making a "Bush Prosperity Pumpkin Pie"? (recipe submitted by Anne Cushman )
1 Prebaked Pie Shell
1 #2 Can pumpkin or 3 cups fresh pumpkin cooked and pureed
3 eggs
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup molasses
1 teaspoon each cinnamon, ginger
1/2 teaspoon each nutmeg and ground cloves
5 cups rich milk or cream
Make and prebake your pie shell. Make a shopping list of remaining ingredients.
Check wallet. Remember that your unemployment benefit ended 3 months ago. Return recipe card to file box. Fill pie shell with store brand whipped topping (or shaving
cream, whatever you have on hand). Throw in face of the next person who tells you he/she's voting for Bush.


If you like these images. Please use them. If you edit the link out of the image, please include it in your site (article) along with credits (5) as appropriate. And then let us know.

After the Party's Over:

The sad thing about carving pumpkins is how they get moldy. Sometimes it's very telling though. Curiously George has gotten moldy, & the Truth Pumpkin hasn't .Possible captions for this:
  • Don't Vote For Moldy Ol' George
  • George goes sour
  • George W. Bush's campaign goes sour

"They say patriotism is the last refuge
To which a scoundrel clings
Steal a little and they'll throw you in jail
Steal a lot and they'll make you king"
            Bob Dylan -"Sweetheart Like You (Infidels)

When you're sliding down a hill, its easy to blame others and insist that its the right path. That you did it intentionally. Keep repeating your errors like a mantra and you'll have many people believing you. Until there's finally a realization that you were on the wrong hill all along.
"You fasten the triggers
For the others to fire
Then you sit back and watch
As the death count gets higher"
            Bob Dylan -"Masters of War (The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan)

Fighting terrorism is no excuse for living in denial. If Saddam Hussein had really been a threat to the U.S., it just wouldn't have been so easy to defeat him. When Al Qaeda attacked the U.S. World Trade Center in NY, 2800 citizens died. Yes, Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda are still threats to the U.S., but in its blind response to fear, by attacking the wrong enemy, Iraq, over 1,000 U.S. citizens have already died and many billions of dollars have been spent. Instead of spending that money on protecting ourselves, the current administration is inadvertently doing Al Qaeda's job.

Anyone who has been watching the conflict in what is now the state of Israel for the past 60 years ( or 5,765 if you want to be more precise) knows that there is no quick fix. To think otherwise is wrong headed and arrogant. Yet, there have been members of Bush's cabinet who've been advocating the attack on Iraq since before 9/11/01. (6)

I had originally thought I'd have Polly's T-shirt say "It will change your life". And I believe that's a great message. But when it came down to actually cutting out the letters, I decided having the word "good" there was a good thing. I can almost imagine everyone at John Kerry's campaign staff singing Cheryl Crow's "Change Will Do You Good". Unfortunately the rest of the lyrics in this song are not relevant. Oh well.

Still the message is correct. In Taoist philosophy, change is recognized as the only constant. There's no excuse for not trying for something better. Hey if President Kerry were to screw up, we could always vote him out in 4 years too.

Here's 2 views of "04 Kerry" - simple quick and clear


Oh yeah! There's an independent candidate too. So far he's soliciting angry frowns:


LINKS: (footnotes)

(1) League of Conservation Voters

(2) The Economy

(3) Various other Links

(4) My rant on polls - Pre-election polling is a dangerous misleading indicator. Doesn't it seems curious that several different "official polls" can have a disparity of 10 or more percentage points and then each have the audacity to claim a margin of error of plus or minus 3% points. Don't get me wrong, polls can have their place. But only if they drop the facade of accuracy. They are by necessity a random sampling taken of people who may or may not be sure of how they'll feel in five minutes, who may or may not be telling the truth and answering questions that are often misleading or at the very least incomplete. Worse, if you feel that your vote won't be worth anything because the polls already imply that you are on the losing side, then you've already lost. In truth, it is your responsibility to vote no matter how dire the chances. Who knows? If everyone is like you, you might just be surprised by the results. My favorite definition of a democracy is a government that acts for the interests of the majority while respecting the views of the minority. (5th grade civics class 1961). So even if you "lose" your opinion and voice will be on record. And then let's see who this random sampling is drawn from: people who like to answer their telephone at dinner to talk to all the solicitors who call them; people who are not too busy, people who are still on land based phone lines ... To Top

(5) Credits:

(6) Letters signed by members of the right-wing think tank Project for a New American Century (PNAC) advocating invasion of Iraq. Note the signatures of those currently working in the Bush administration. Long before 9/11.


We swear that we had nothing to do with this one. I had been carving the "Truth vs Bush on the SeeSaw" pumpkin. When I looked down I saw that Polly the Ticked-off Pumpkin had thrown this piece of pumpkin skin down on George W Bush's nose to look like Pinocchio.


Keep checking back, there's bound to be more pictures as things progress.

The History of Pumpkin Expressionism

"There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin." -- Linus van Pelt in It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

"Opting out on Iraq" by Brendan O'Neill (November 1, 2002)
'Trick or treat Mr Blair!' shouted an anti-war protester outside the UK parliament last night, as the Stop the War Coalition's 'day of action' against attacking Iraq coincided with Halloween. Some protesters dressed up as ghouls and witches, and one held a pumpkin with the words 'Don't attack Iraq' scrawled across it in black ink. 'If you're gonna scare anyone on Halloween it might as well be warmongering politicians', said Abby from South London. 'Though I don't expect we'll get many sweets or chocolates for our troubles….'

"Her Kerry campaign is not just kid stuff"  (July 31, 2004)
Ilana Wexler's "earliest campaigning began at 10 months, when her parents taped a Clinton poster on the back of her stroller ... in 1992. Though she accompanied her parents to a Halloween Clinton rally dressed as a pumpkin and to an antiwar protest in 2002, her real political consciousness materialized during a family trip to Latin America and Europe in spring 2003, when the family fielded questions about Iraq on both sides of the Atlantic and she saw graffiti that said "Americans, go home" while in Europe.
.... She launched and was asked by Heinz Kerry -- "Teresa" to Wexler -- to speak at a women's campaign event in February. Her March birthday party was covered by the local news as Wexler and 15 friends collected $1,000 for the campaign in less than four hours. Her chocolate birthday cake read, "A vote for Kerry is a vote for kids."

At this link is a picture of George Bush with pumpkin skin eyes and mouth

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