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Radio and DJs who spin with true pirate spirit.

Is there something wrong with your radio?

Blame it on an industry that doesn't care about you, or music, or news. All they want is your money. Simply put, they play music that theoretically doesn't offend the largest number of listeners. They don't want you to change the dial. Cause that would affect their advertisers.

Now that the internet provides options for all kinds of music and opinions, you would think things would be better, but the truth is there's just too much music out here. In overwhelming amounts. So at work and in our cars, we're still stuck with short play lists, when what we'd like is someone to filter music a little bit to our tastes, but not the way the Clear Channel stations do it.

Some years back we wrote and recorded our song Outlaw Radio Guy and released it on our Tubeman CD. You can listen to a clip here. Then we went to music conferences from 2001 to 2003 and got college DJs to pose with our bunny guitar. Check them out in the galleries links below

long glass

... and they heard tell of chains 
of hauntingly lovely forgotten islands 
where untold treasures lay. 
True, it was a much tougher course to follow, 
beset as they  were by ratings drama; 
pressure to please corporate investors; 
slick courting and incentives by the majors ...

... Nevertheless, they chose to push on 
in an endless search for those true musical gems 
that could move their innermost selves. 
Was it the thrill of discovery? 
...the driving urge to share 
these hidden treasures with others? 
No matter, their ship was well-equipped 
to glide silently into tiny harbors; 
raise and haul out the booty, 
and race away skillfully 
navigating the swiftest of airwaves ...

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