Frequently Asked Questions

Our standard playing time for a reception or party is four hours for the band's live performance. During the four hours two 20 minute breaks will be taken and appropriate recorded music is played. Our standard contract includes arriving 2 hours before the band performance time to set up equipment. Usually after one hour of band set up time, guests may enter the performance location and recorded music can be played for the next hour while the band continues minor set up duties.

Rates are variable depending on the date and duration of the event, the location, the size of the venue, and other factors affecting set up and performance. Please contact us directly with these details for your event so we can give you an accurate quote.

Contracts & Deposits:
After details are confirmed Paris Productions sends out a contract for confirmation of all the information. A signed contract and a deposit of one half of the balance are required to reserve a date.

Announcements & Coordinating:
A band member will function as the Master of Ceremonies (MC) for your event if desired. This will include all necessary announcements and coordinating with all the other professionals to see that events run smoothly as planned and desired. An information sheet for wedding s is sent with the contract. It is a detailed checklist of wedding formalities and customary events. On this sheet which is returned to the band leader before the wedding, you may list introductions and your desires for traditional or non traditional dances, toasts, cake cutting, bouquet and garter and other events. It is a yes/no checklist with many options. Band leader Kate O’Connor has years of experience helping brides, grooms and parents plan their events to express their own special style.

The Blue Rendezvous Band members do not adopt formal dress including full tuxedos and gowns for weddings, parties and formal events. The band performs in dressy casual clothing unless the band leader is advised that formal attire is appropriate.

Choosing Music:
If you wish you may choose a selection of songs that you would like played from our song list. Using a copy of the song list and circling or starring * your selections is most helpful to the band. If there are selections you would like the band to not play please indicate with an X or no in front of the song title (crossing out the song makes it hard for the band to know which song you didn’t want). For songs that are not on our list please inquire first as there are many more songs that we have recently learned, still know and or performed in the past that are not on the current list. We can learn one song for an event provided a CD or tape of it is sent to us two months before the event. Very rarely a song is sent that is not appropriate for a band of our size and instrumentation to reproduce. In this case we will be happy to play a recorded version. For additional songs not performed by the band a recording can be given to the band leader to play on a break if desired. If you wish to provide music for the breaks please give the band leader a CD or tape with 20 minutes of continuous music appropriate to the event.

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